More coming 😳

Ok so… more updates cause is just fluid …

So again – I am safe and my area is safe at this moment.

My phone messages me with things… it messaged me today saying from Sunday morning at 11am until Tuesday morning… we are set to possibly have more dry lightening … fricken really??

It said we are going to be under a fire watch (due to possible dry lightening) & red flag warnings (red flag is due to heat and winds) What is going on???

Here’s what came over my phone:

So if they are right, we gonna have more issues. Some really big issues!! What is up with all this lightening and fire??!!! Stop already!!! Also still hot!

Hoping and praying NOT to be displaced… our air quality is horrific… and remember we still have corona going on here!! Bad air plus corona is going to equal more death!!!

I will be ok either way.

I think. 🙏 pretty sure. 😳 slightly nervous now.

Also… I’m gonna keep my mouth shut on another issue cause I will come across VERY harshly… I’m going to keep that to myself… let me just say… bring on November! ✌️ I have never wanted November so much in my entire life!!

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    1. He said California should have to pay for all the wildfires ourselves because he has been telling us for 3 years to clean our forests 😡😡😡😡

      Oh my god! If you see the video – I can’t stand that man!! Any words that come out of his mouth!!!

      Rake the fricken Forest he says… ya know 57% of those forests are owned and run by the federal government – let see him get his ass out here with a rake!! He starts his own fires!

      He literally can not handle ONE thing!!! Not one!!! He handles everything wrong

      I want him out like no tomorrow!! I can’t take another 4 years of him and our country will go to war with each other cause he starts so much bullshit. Does not care one bit about anyone else but himself and fricken money!!!

      So that would be what he said lol – I can’t stand him

      I’m all Biden/Harris at this point!!!

      I will stay alert and safe ❤️ or try to at least 🙏 you too down there… you must have some smoke? And heat of course – I hope that gets better for you soon 🙏


      1. I totally ignored the “clean the floors” statement cause he said the same thing last year. I’ve accepted that he’s impulsive & out of contol and we’re all going to hell.

        On a similar note, I’m quite happy that the UN voted against the US on Iran sanctions, the voted against this insane coup attempt of claiming a right to force the issue, even though we left the agreement, because we were original members. I mean wth??? Only children think like that!!

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      2. Hahaha I usually ignore his words but sometimes the things he says are just too much – I want him to stop speaking lol ugh!

        He is just out of control!!

        I didn’t know they voted against the U.S. on that… very happy to hear that too!

        He is uneducated seriously! How he got elected in first place was only because he was up against Hillary and she just made a mess too!

        Biden better be good!! Lol


      3. I should restate… they haven’t voted on the spin thing yet, but 16 countries sent formal “uh-uh” letters. They also stated it wasn’t so much about the policy as it was about the US acting like entitled bullies.

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      4. Well Trump is an entitled Bully… that is HIM!! Exactly him!!! They are correct

        I hope they do vote against
        – ok off to bed for real lol. 😄✌️


    1. Thank you ❤️ … I am trying lol… if the fires would stop and lightening would stay away / it would be fine lol

      But yeah gonna try to stay safe 🙏 no fire and no corona please 🙏🙏🙏

      I’m sure will be fine, or at least I hope for that. 😳🙏

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    1. Thanks, I do… lol… do you even have fires like us, ever? I would think you too wet for that?

      I’m not sure what trench foot is? Athletes foot? I will have to look trench foot up

      I have to get ready for work – be back later ✌️

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