The storm 😳😮

Well… I got my massive thunder & lightening storm 🤨… AT 1am!!! 😑😄🙄

👆 That was what my phone said at 1am lol 🤨

I feel asleep early- ish… and I’m sleeping and then I get woken by the LOUDEST crack of thunder 😳😮

I was sleeping so that woke me up … and my daughter was coming into bed with me… I said “what’s going on? Is that thunder?”

And she says “yup, there is a storm coming – the lights are flickering, we lost power for a quick second… I’m sleeping with you“

No sooner does she say that, then my entire house lit up 😳😮… and then the torrential rain started and another huge thunder crack!! It was fierce!!! Kept lighting the entire house up and shaking everything… those booms … ohhh the ones I love so loud and fierce … The way I like it … but I’m trying to sleep lol

I LOVE storms like that… the storm so loud it shakes your whole house 😮 and the lightening was seriously lighting my house up, every few minutes – and that rain 😮 the skies just opened up!!

Really? When I am sleeping and need sleep?? Lol … I can’t enjoy in the middle of the night when I have to sleep 🤨🙄😄

Well doesn’t that just figure lol … of course

She said we lost power – so I expected my digital clocks to be all blinking and wrong … but she said was only for a quick second – cause this morning all digital clocks were fine.

We have more excessive heat today and tmrw… then we drop to maybe just 100 🤨 (37) … as if that were a drop… but it is when you coming from 112!!! Damn cook me!

We also have red flag warnings – meaning the wind will be starting… but we just had rain for now should be ok… but that heat will evaporate and dry the rain we just got… so may be having power issues (most likely coming up)

When the wind blows and the heat is brutal – that is fire starter … cause PG&E and their lines … they will shut us down

Ok well whatever

Crazy storm in the middle of the night 😮 that was nuts!!

Today I am at a completely NEW funeral home I have never been to. So I will be busy.

Then heat or not, I HAVE to check out my car!! I will be a puddle and hot and red.

Ok I have to go get ready. Luckily I can go in little later than normal and is way on the other side of city – same distance as my funeral homes – but on other side of city

Alright enjoy your day ✌️😘 I be back at some point

30 thoughts on “The storm 😳😮

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    1. It totally was!!! I’ve been dying for a good storm like that!! I love those…

      But I didn’t get much sleep the night before and I was exhausted lol

      Of course that has to happen at 1am lol


      1. Hahaha nah I won’t – shower will wake me up – I’m not overly tired. So not bad.

        Thank you very much 😘✌️

        Have a great day too! ☀️


  1. Glad you got your storm, even if the timing sucked.

    It’s been about 90 here (100 in my living room). Around 6pm yesterday I felt gross so showered and put on fresh clothes. I went out for about 20min and the humidity made ne so sweaty that I literally ripped off my soaked clothes and took another shower – pure cold water. It SUUUCKS!! Gonna be the same for the rest of the week.

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    1. Yes the storm was awesome … little tiny but tired – perhaps I am not meant to sleep? Lol 😄🙄

      This heat is nuts!!! I looked at my forecast and it’s just 100’s across the board even next week according to my app 🤨

      Someone send rain!! But not at 1am… I have to be more specific when I wish for storms – don’t do them in the middle of the night lol


      1. The sky is all weird – there must be fires or it’s pollution haze or something? Is weird.

        Almost an overcast with a dirty orange color

        You do not have ANY ac at all? 😮

        People and places in San Fran don’t have AC … but that’s because they usually do not need it… is that why you don’t have ac?


      2. Yep… most older homes in LB have no ac. It would cost waaay too much to get it… first need insulation, which first needs major wiring update. House across the street, newer than mine, paid $15,000.

        I have a portable room ac unit but due to rooms with no doors, can only use it in my bedroom. But that means cats can’t go in/out freely. And, anyway, I really cannot afford the extra cost of electricity right now.

        Orange sky is usually from fire. We’ve got it here but I know there are at least 2 big fires burning now.

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      3. My ac is a roughly 3′ portable unit that has intake/exhaust through a window insert. It works pretty well but adds about $100 to my monthly electricity bill. It makes me crazy to think about how much of that cool air is escaping through the roof, floor, and walls.

        I run 5 fans in the house… 2 super strong ones, 2 normal house fans, and a small one on the bathroom. I was looking for new options for my bedroom, because that one is dying, but couldn’t find anything I like.

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      4. Ohh yikes – we need ac and insulation here… ac cause NO WAY without in 112.

        And I’m probably a big baby? But it does get freezing cold in winter – heat is needed!

        Without insulation all of that would totally suck!!

        Hmm I wish I had a suggestion to offer, but I don’t 😮

        I have one room that gets hot even with ac… I have a small swamp cooler in there and that works great for the purpose… you just have to make sure has water, which kinda annoys me lol


      5. Grass valley and Nevada City are very close to where I live 😮 … kinda too close for comfort… I will have to keep an eye on that 😮

        No wonder the sky was all weird and orange 😳


    1. Hahaha yeah they can… trying to get me to panic or something lol

      I was excited for cloud to ground lightening lol… but also half asleep lol … I was too tired to get up and actually look lol 😄✌️

      They did make it sound all dramatic lol

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    1. Hahaha – I love all of it ❤️ I love storms … really good ones … I don’t like boring regular rain lol – I like excitement to my rain lol 😄😄

      But not so much at 1am when have to sleep lol

      Take care yourself also, hope you are well! ✌️


      1. yah i’m well but weather here is not sweetable for me. It is raining since last night. I had to cancel my all of outdoor works for this rain 😫 Ahh now i have to do it by tomorrow. Extra pressure of work!

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      2. Ooohhh yikes. Hopefully stops raining for you soon, so you can finish your work… they don’t give you an extra time allowance due to weather?

        What do you do for work?

        When I worked at the golf course, weather would be an issue too.

        I will hope for you 🙏✌️

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      3. No No I don’t work for any company like that. those was my blog related works and I had to go for it but no worry I will go by tomorrow 😄by the way the weather is lil bit good in evening hope I will finish my works by tomorrow 😁

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      4. Ooooohhh ok I see!! I know I keep checking to see if you post more lol

        I’m sure even in pouring rain it is still just as beautiful … and sometimes that happens on travel.

        No one ever does rainy travel pics or stories lol … but in real life that does happen

        Good luck capturing your works! I wish that sun for you!!

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