Full Throttle ❤️✌️

Today I went to that other funeral home.

Oh wow, I was impressed – they got their shit together … granted we just obtained 3 and are trying to reorganize.

But I liked it a lot cause they seem thorough and ocd like me. They were way more on it! I’m surprised… but maybe that’s because we have 3 and it’s been crazy? And we have some who cause issues…

I adore my district manager – she’s really awesome!! I really like her. She is strong… but I would put my foot down more

But that is easy for me to say… there is hiring and firing freeze due to corona so that makes it tough… she is in a bad position.

They need to allow hiring and firing!! That essential. Without it – is all crazy!!

A man answered the door at this funeral home 😮 he let me in … and then I said I’m from … and rambled off all 3 funeral home names lol … he laughed and then introduced me to the woman I be training with… I liked her a lot… very very by the book and thorough!! I liked the way she explained and also did things – very clear.

So that went well ✌️

Then I came home and changed – cause I was dressed up … it was hot… I didn’t wanna wear tons of stuff lol ✌️😄 too hot for that!! I do want clothes – just not much lol

Then ugh I guess time to deal with the car… so I took it to that guy… I said look just look at it and say what you think – I don’t trust him. Not in the slightest… I don’t even know why I went. But if he wants to look at it – whatever

So he looked but not very well… he glanced and then drove it himself – and then says – it’s fine.

Alright then, that was a waste of time… but I don’t have time to deal with that… so I said thank you and left. Done and done.

Still not talking to my girlfriend. I am still mad. It takes a lot to make me mad and she hit that. So whatever … I am very umm chill … not a lot bothers me…

But that whole thing… that bothered me… going behind my back… and then disregarding how I felt – I would never have done that to her.

So whatever

I work at the new job tmrw … they are gonna test drive me 😄😄 see how I handle lol …

I got that… gonna blow them away. Watch me 😘✌️ I have this in the bag. I couldn’t be more positive! Lol … all sure of myself lol ✌️

I just have no doubt… so I got this ❤️ very confident

So… that’s tmrw. After that I am going to return the rental 😝

I was able to drive my own car ok today… so I’m just going to see how goes…

I figure… if I can just get it to last a little bit longer… I be golden…

When I do land this new job… I’ll be able to get a new car shortly anyway. I’ll just be careful until then. If it dies – I’ll deal with it then… if I have any problems, I’ll pull over and start to handle at that point

I’m gonna push it 😘✌️


Let see how this goes 🙏 just a little longer … c’mon “pos” you can do that for me 🙏 don’t let me down!!!

Anyway… so I will do that tmrw.

I’m gonna miss that bad ass fast car Oh my god! How hot is that… summer, fast car Oh my god! Yeah I love summer and also fast cars lol


I will aim… but for now I have to go back to this…


Wahhh … I love the song… but I just like it fast! No take it easy!! Full throttle ❤️✌️

8 thoughts on “Full Throttle ❤️✌️

Add yours

      1. Hopefully ok now? Mine began 3 years ago – with just bad bad bad!

        Only now am I starting to catch a grip and be able to handle – but I had to fight through losing my family and breast cancer while my ex has been horrific… so I wasn’t able to fight back.

        Now I kinda am? So we see how goes 🙏

        Hope yours is better!! Life will do that… stay strong!! Always be you!


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