Heat, speed and bass ❤️

Ok … at work. All is well… no one died – bonus!!!

So let’s see it was 90 degrees at 7am!!! But it looks like it’s going to rain – my app says this area supposed to have a thunderstorm!! Oh my god! Yes please – bring that thunder and lightening strikes ❤️❤️❤️ real big and loud…

It won’t happen lol … it’s just the heat. I want it really bad so it will hold off and bring the heat instead … but ooohh a nice big thunder and lightening storm at a funeral home… how thrilling does that sound???

Hardly anyone is out today lol… so things that keep people at home are corona and heat lol Oh my god!

Also… this car… yeah I’m kinda in love… probably not a good thing… because I have a lead foot 🦶 lol

The car drives soooo smoothly – and I love speed … I always imagine what it must be like to drive in Germany… Germany has that Autobahn area – I’ve known about that all my life lol… we have speed limits here (or aka suggestions lol – kidding kidding)

But the car drives really smooth and it doesn’t seem like I am flying. I have to be careful cause I enjoy it WAY too much

The car has speed, it has bass Oh my god! Thump thump went my heart! ❤️ I just love that so much!!!

It needs to stop being so hot so I can fix my car!!!! I don’t want to do that at midnight!!!

I did have to watch my speed this morning 😮 cause is just like butter – so smooth ❤️ 😮

How do you fix a lead foot? Cause it also excites me which is bad!!!! Very very bad

Well whatever – I am stationary now at work lol… 😘✌️

I sort of dressed funeral home ISH today… knew was gonna be hot – have a really awesome black tank top on / the straps have gold buckles ❤️ it’s wicked cute!! And then a mini skirt cause I am not doing pants!!! And nothing that’s gonna hold heat in… I still have black jacket in case anyone should show up – but should be quiet 🤐 🤫

Bring on the heat… don’t take my power 😳🙏

Ok I be back later ✌️


17 thoughts on “Heat, speed and bass ❤️

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    1. Hahaha oh just wait til you actually meet me someday 😄😄 I am very fun – I love to laugh and I’m kinda like a whirlwind lol – that’s why I am unexpected in a funeral home lol

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      1. Thank you very much, I have to keep that at a minimum at services though … no one in mourning wants a peppy happy person Lol

        This is why it is not widely known that funeral people are so awesome 😄😄I’m kidding but my coworkers are awesome too – very hilarious!! You would never think funeral home people be so full of life – we only tone it down to be respectful lol

        I do like the peace of it though – let’s me have a good balance … calm and peace… excitement and humor lol

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      2. I will tell you – that is the key to life!!

        Comedy and humor have allowed me to stay strong and survive through everything!!

        They say the funniest people, are the ones with the most pain… that is because we handle with humor and that can save your sanity and your life

        So yeah… humor the more you laugh – the more life doesn’t seem so bad!! Always keep a sense of humor!

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  1. I saw a flood warning yesterday while it was clear and hot. Turned out to be for the foothills and Palm Springs areas, which got rain, hail, and 100+ lightning strikes (creating even more fires).

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    1. We had rain… let me clarify… HOT rain!!! Lol … for like literally 2 seconds and then it was done… no thunder booms, no lightening nada

      I am in the foothills of the Sierra nevadas up by Sacramento – right now I am working in sac dealing with the fricken coroner ughhhh …

      I hope they don’t shut my power off. 🙏 I’m sure my daughter will call me.

      Our rain was only like 2 seconds and that was it – that was a few hours ago

      Skies are like a hazy yucky looking

      I am getting nothing done today!! On with people all day!! And now with coroner

      I be back


    1. You made me think of the Flintstones car lol 😄

      Yeah my current car would not be having ANY part of that… I will have to wait or rent lol

      That would be awesome though!! I can only imagine in my own mind lol 😄✌️… my imagination is very BIG!!!


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