Strategic 💋

Today I have my job interview 🙏❤️

I think I can…

My outfit – is awesome… it’s perfect … I’m going to wear pants … they are black… but these are form fitting and flattering and they are professional. You can’t go wrong with black. It’s classic.

And then my shirt … the color is a royal blue 💙💙💙 exactly like those hearts, maybe a touch more royal. The blue in the shirt makes my eyes pop with color… and the sun bleaches the bottoms of my hair… so is a reddish but at the ends looks more blonde and is sooo pretty up against that blue – I’m gonna catch attention 💙

The shirt is slimming and gives curves, not too many and only a hint of. Also looks professional … covers up all cleavage cause nope… I want the whole package not one focus. See me comin 😘

First impressions are important – My plan is to “wow” them first with my appearance… put together, strong and confident.. if I have to deal with politicians and things like that… I’m going to have to present strength.

I have my little black portfolio 💼 with all the homework I’ve done – to impress them that I am that interested… so that will tell them I have a desire… I want it.

And then I have my own interview questions which will show them I make smart choices and make sure is also right for me, not just them.

I may want them, but if it doesn’t fit – then I need to know that.

I already have their address mapped out and ready to go

Yeah I’m pretty confident… they will feel my presence – I wanna leave an impression… I want them to think of me ALOT, when I leave… I plan to do that ❤️💙❤️

Know your aim… know what you want and then walk in like you own it lol ✌️😘

Now if I can just keep that same sentiment tmrw for court which I think I can… make Satan see what the fuck he lost, and what he can’t crush. ✌️


Be strategic!!! See I’m learning 💋

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    1. Yeah Word Press has been wonky for me too lately 🤨😄 they keep changing things – I don’t know what they are doing to it, lol – no worries 😘🥰

      Thank you very much 🙏🥰❤️

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