* Warning ⚠️ swearing *

Today my phone rang with probably a solicitor … and then another call came in… wasn’t in my phone, didn’t recognize so I don’t answer.

Glad I didn’t – was Satan’s lawyer trying to be nice to me and wants to talk to me before Friday / nope too late for that now.

FUCK THAT SHIT… bitch I ain’t working with you… I am not gonna call you or work with you … you got a fight on your hands now… I plan to bury them… good thing I’m in the funeral business!!!!

No way am I calling him to discuss shit. He can find out my plan when they see my ass on Friday!

Dirty mother F’er… nope 👎

Fuckin call him… that is not happening … I’ll see you in court – I’m not going to even respond. Bitch can kiss my ass.

I am not going to let them know where I am right now, no way… no one has fought for or protected me – and now I will.

I don’t want them preparing for the fury I will lay down … 2 bitches about to go down!!!

No mercy! I’m gonna bury them both.

They don’t know I have a fire currently… he thinks he remembers who I am… sweet kind loving emotional… yeah bitch you also taught me how to be strong, you didn’t show me any kindness or mercy, and still don’t!!

Satan and his bitch… I’m not dealing with either one.

Why would I work with you if you have shown me no mercy??

They can kiss my ass!

Don’t infect my phone with your bullshit niceness – I’m not doing that… the only cheeks I’m gonna turn, gonna be my ass… as I walk away after burying them. ✌️

You don’t pull that shit on people – now reap what you sow. No mercy no forgiveness – now he can learn – let me school them.

Punk ass bitches – I am not afraid now. Good luck

And yes… I can also be scary… to a man who beat me, is an alcoholic, had affairs, and then told lies? All of which I will prove are lies and I have solid evidence … just in the court case itself – they handed me gold.

I’m not the one who should be scared. And I’m not going to be workable at this point… get ready for war of the roses cause I’m bringing that down.

I am squeaky clean… Satan and his bitch are dirty mother f’ers

I am not going to have any problem burying them

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