Age 🤨

Another good day… and I’m on call tonight. Again – please no one die tonight 🙏🙏🙏 no one is allowed to die on Sunday night lol – I wish and hope no one does 🙏🙏🙏

I had a delivery that was a little funny. Things catch me off guard sometimes.

When you come to a funeral home – I don’t think people expect “me” … I don’t really have a look that belongs to a funeral home – other than my clothing. I am just not what you typically expect.

Oh boy …

Also my eyes… they still light up my face even with a mask!!! And they look young!!! I am not young!!! In heart maybe?

I only LOOK young!! That’s it … and I have a young spirit, which makes that worse!!

I had a delivery – kid was 28!!!

How do I know this you ask? Cause he wanna be startin somethin!

Dude is 2 years older than my own oldest son…

Let me say this… if you coulda come out of me… dude you ain’t getting in me!!! Oh my god! I could totally be this kids mother… what would your mother say??? Lol

So that was a big thing 🤨… I’m like sorry I’m not dating and I’m old enough to be your mother lol … dude!!!!!

Yeah no… that is totally not happening!! Wrong woman – my name is NOT Mrs. Robinson 🤨

Pffft … 28 Oh my god! As if

Sorry but if you are old enough to be my child – no offense but that is not happening!!! I am 20 years older!!!!!

Kid had balls though – that takes confidence to try. That’s impressive. So I’ll give him that. It’s still a no though ✌️

I don’t have a problem if the man is older … but I can not at all, in the slightest, if you could be my child!!! That is just way over my head!!! I think of my own kids, and yeah nope 👎

I don’t wanna be the massively elderly one lol – yeah no… fricken not even 30 yet

Anyway I am still working … I got to have lunch but I still have a ton to do

I be back tonight ✌️

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  1. Hell of a compliment though 🙂

    I remember a long time ago back in the early 90’s l was in Paris and l was solo travelling, but my father was there at the same time and we met up for a drink in the Crazy Horse which is an awesome experience and l remember my father was drinking with some American buddies and enjoying the show and we both got up to get a round of drinks and as we were waiting, a guy came along and pinched my dad’s bum!! He swung around expecting to see a lovely waitress and was confronted with this young man who smiled and gave my dad a card with his number on! Then gesticulated ‘Call me’ with his hands!

    The look on my dad’s face was a picture – he tore the card up and swore at this guy who walked off laughing and smiling at me ..My father was homophobic that was his main problem [there were many others] – but l said “Dad, that’s one of the best compliments a bloke can get , you know that right?” He couldn’t see it like that, but it’s a hell of a compliment.

    In the same period of time when l was working as an escort, my biggest client demograph was women in the 40, 50, and 60’s brackets and when l was at my most prolific as an escort l was later 20’s – 26 – 29 and l loved older women because they were a pleasure to be around and were experienced.

    Just saying 🙂

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    1. Sorry it has been a day!!! I will do a post shortly

      Yes it is a compliment – and I do appreciate that… it does happen alot so I kinda don’t really pay attention to it normally – is just how goes. Just with this kid – he was persistent and trying to talk me into it – but I am firm – not that young sorry nope!!! And I don’t jump in like that. I have to be eased in. Cause if you come at me like that… I feel like all they want is sex and I am not looking for that… that is bonus after the fact. I want the mind first. I’m one of those… I wanna know the mind and I wanna know the heart. I need that before anyone can get further.

      Young ones wanna move real fast – nope 👎 they come on strong … fast and furious… not my style – slow your roll buddy lol

      That dad story is brilliantly hilarious!! Oh if only our eyes could record these things for future play back lol

      Older women are too tired for fricken drama… we don’t play games and we want direct. Well for me anyway. I am not experienced with different men, but I did trust my ex before everything happened – alcohol abuse and cheating. I don’t have hang ups so ya know pretty chill there – enjoy that

      But I don’t open my legs for anyone – cause at this point I wanna see if they worth it first and everyone wants to go to fast. I am not fast. It’s not my world. I know I am worth it.

      I was 17 when I got with my ex. And I just left him 3 years ago. Just as my world began to explode

      So… fish outta water – ya know?

      Sex is deeper to me… so ya know whatever. I can’t just do whatever with anyone. I know myself and I know that I couldn’t handle that emotionally… so I need to know is what they want for sure – cause I won’t take anything else. I also haven’t slept around, ever in my life… so it means something to me. That’s just how I am though – how I have to have it. How I am comfortable and also stable.

      I have never known an escort, I bet you have amazing stories though – I want to say is different for a man… but in today’s age – it’s not really

      Most older women, especially getting out of horrible marriages do not want to settle back down – and is supposably hard to meet people (although not my experience)

      I do want to settle – I prefer to be settled for several reasons. I don’t like games or crap or whatever / feels like at mercy to me.

      I would rather have peace and calm. And be secure with one, without worry. I want that peace. I want safety and security all that. Definitely do not ever want to be at mercy again!!! Ever in my life, ever again

      So the young ones go really fast… they too “green”. Hungry for it – not what I’m looking for

      The older ones 🤨 I am just pretty with a good body so it’s just hard to weed out the ones who just want sex – cause nope ain’t getting that until I am at ease / and that is not easy. Like I said I want the mind and the heart.

      So they all fail lol ✌️

      But yes – it is flattering and is a compliment. I get it all the time. Like constantly everywhere I go. That’s why I hide away. ✌️😘

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