Work and fabulous 40’s!!! 😮

I am exhausted!! But today was good and went really well.

I worked ugly walls… with the young girl … they tell me to be careful of her… but I really like her!!

She is my sons age, and I really enjoyed her today!! She is sweet and funny – and nice!! I don’t know why they tell me to be careful?? She’s awesome!

I pretty much get along with everyone… I am pretty easy going.

We chit chatted first thing while I had coffee and checked emails.

Oh crap… I forgot to log out… oh well… no one can get into my account without my password… so they will have to log me out if anyone sits at that desk.

Anyway… I chit chatted with her and we laughed… she’s awesome… then I said ok – let me get to work and do my thing…

And I know they have issues with taking lunches… so I asked her what time she want her lunch? She took hers 11:30 to 12:30… I took mine from 1pm to 2pm

We chatted again while I was having lunch. Again I think she’s awesome, so far!! Very delightful young woman!

We weren’t talking about work or people and she seems similar to me as far as perfection 😄😄✌️

It’s just – I like organization … so… if it is unorganized – I am jumbled – if I organize everything … its much better lol …

So I kinda just do that. I can’t stand it if it’s not organized at work!! It drives me nuts…

I like it done right the first time… yes I’m gonna show you my ocd lol ✌️

So, I did the computer work first – get that out of the way…

Then I was on a mission lol … and I made a list for how to keep it organized lol 😄✌️ … I am not done… I will finish next week.

I was kinda going over stuff with her and why… and she’s completely on board … I did it to my original place too. ✌️

If it’s organized in first place – work will be easier!! And I like it clean!! Like hospital clean!

Ugly walls is kinda big – not like haunted mansion, but still big… she helped me after she finished her work…

She does good team work… we banged a lot out.

I see no issues with her… so I don’t know why they say be careful? She’s sweet and she’s adorable!! We laughed a lot! I am very comfortable with her, again I see no issues.

So we see… tmrw I am at mine… which is already clean and organized lol – it just helps me work better. ✌️ I like it on point!

Anyway… I like her – so we see. So far so good.

I am very tired though… gonna read for little bit – but I don’t know how long I will last 😮 I am melting into bed already ✌️

Oh yeah… I am kinda getting my bearings with where the location is now… is downtown… and is near the homes they call “the fabulous 40’s”

They call them that because the street numbers are in the 40’s … they were built between 1890 and 1911… some of the most incredible and beautiful retro homes – their architecture is phenomenal!!! – is gorgeous at Christmas and all year long!!!

Ronald Reagan lived in one of these homes when he was governor of California – before he was president … so that was before 1980 😮

At Christmas time – omg – you should see this neighborhood – every house decks it out!!!

Those are my own pictures – but here it is from YouTube…

I thought it looked familiar… I’ve seen it at Christmas in the dark lol … I don’t usually go there during normal times of year. Until now. I drive through it to get to work…

I kept thinking – this looks so familiar – why do I know this beautiful area? It’s like so perfect and manicured and gorgeous – you have massive money for those houses!!

Today I paid attention to the street numbers … they were all in the 40’s… Oh my god! I know where I am lol

So I just kinda realized that today lol – pretty awesome – now I get to see them during the day and at normal times of the year …

Going to work during Christmas – is gonna suck!!!!! You should see the traffic with everyone wanting to see the homes decked out!!

Alright so Christmas work traffic will suck 🤨 awesome 😄✌️ whatever

Is cool though ❤️✌️

Ok Gnite 😘✌️

9 thoughts on “Work and fabulous 40’s!!! 😮

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  1. Deck the Halls with 40s stories, well-built houses In all their glory.

    When Christmas spirit filled the air on TV and well-lite streets almost everywhere.

    When Santa did land on my roof, stuff my sock, and he didn’t even knock.

    But now it’s just X-MAS in our hearts,
    on TV and those Christmas empty stores.

    Just multi-culture this, political correctness that and those trees & monuments it’s kaputz to that.

    And as some now do joylessly sing,
    “Oh my, to hell with Christmas”
    “Oh my, to hell with that!”

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