Fun Friday ❤️

Tonight was fun… they left at 10pm 😮

They got here, we had dinner… oldest was actually eating a few carbs 😮… so I said “hey are you not doing Keto anymore?”

And I guess he switch over to Atkins … he explain to me – but I don’t understand diets very well… something about his blood turning to acid 😮 so he went off it to do Atkins and I guess you alternate.

I have never heard of someone’s blood turning to acid, but I looked that up and that’s dangerous 😳

So he’s eating carbs now to bring that back to normal. He looks really good though!

Anyway. So then we watched a comedian for a little while – do you know “Fluffy” – he is too funny ❤️ …

He just did a world tour before corona hit… and he went to India 🇮🇳… he was telling his story about India …

I do not think I could drive in India 😮 it sounds really scary!!

But he did have it right about how it is here in the United States… fricken “one” thing happens and the entire highway shuts down or crawls 🤨 …

Fluffy said that does not happen in India … and India does not use turn signals 😮… they speak with honks 😮

Yeah so I do NOT think I would do well driving over there – honking here is “sort of” speaking …but usually because you mad, if someone drove like an idiot – that is what we use honks for… or when you are at a light and it turns green and the person in front does not go – we honk to wake them up 😄✌️

We also honk sometimes if they do not use turn signals lol 😄

I’m excited India likes Fluffy too. ❤️

I know is only jokes but the way he puts it is funny! I wonder what he says about Americans in India or Australia lol or Germany lol

These are only jokes – he is a comedian – NOT meant to be taken to heart, only for smiles. I hope it does not offend in any way. Only sharing cause is what we watched – plus I think he makes jokes about everyone lol

Anyway… was funny

18 says … oh he’s pretty funny, who is this guy? 😳

I said … how you not know who he is???

But whatever … then I showed him one where Fluffy talks about his son and a cell phone – which is also hilarious lol

And then we played this game – is a card and dice game …

When we first started that game… it was really hard to understand / there is a rule booklet that is pages long and the writing is microscopic…

Oldest tries to explain to every one and it was a mess – we all talking over each other … no one understands lol … I want to just play

I didn’t think was gonna go very well… we all had to pick characters … they were all girls lol – bonus for me!

18 picks the Alchemist… daughter takes the Mage… I forget what oldest picked …

But I picked one called Caliana… not only was she the prettiest one lol … but the reason I picked her is the monster could attack 3 times and I wouldn’t die… if hit the 4th time – the entire game be over… so they better protect me – ya know? Lol

Well who knew – she was the best one!!! I could do anything – so that was awesome …daughter had teased me on my choice in beginning … but then when my character turned out to be strong and didn’t ever lose… she just kept rolling her eyes – it was funny.

Then 18 rolled dice 🎲… and picked the good ones but needed other good ones … he had already grabbed the dice and oldest was like “what are you doing? You needed that roll”

Oh ok – so he rolls again 😄😄 an illegal move but whatever

So on the next play… we needed a certain number dice and asked him if he had it… he looked and I said… just have him reroll til we get the good ones lol – he had them already though so wasn’t needed but it was funny

I didn’t think the game would be any fun, but it was.

I laid claim always to the character I had lol

Somehow I have gotten suckered into playing DD next time 🤨… (dungeons and dragons) I dunno?? They all wanna play that next Friday – we see 🤨

The oldest loves that game and stories … and daughter says “I must get that from him cause I’m a good story teller also”

I said “hey!!! I have a blog, I write stories – you both get it from me… direct your credit, I gave you life” Lol 😄✌️

We laughed a lot and it got pretty loud lol – we had a lot of fun tonight ❤️

Anyway… I have to be going to bed… the weekend begins… ugly walls tmrw – I am not going near the hearse lol 😘✌️

I will be back when I can – remember I’m gonna fall behind…

I usually follow my feed and try to catch up – only to be drowned in posts for days lol… so I’m going to try another way… we see how my new trial way goes 🙏 but I’m still gonna be behind

Back when I can

Gnite 😘✌️

4 thoughts on “Fun Friday ❤️

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    1. Oh I know I would love it!! I don’t know too much, besides what I watch in documentaries or see from the people we have here… but the culture is incredible! I already love it!

      I thought MY traffic was bad 😄😄… new found respect lol … I complain all the time about our traffic – I can’t even imagine the traffic there lol

      So that must have been really strange when you guys went into lock down back in March/April ? Did the streets clear out like ours did? It was weird here to see roads and highways without traffic.

      Oh yes I will let you know! Someday after corona, I just might be a world traveler lol … same goes to you – if you ever make it out to the United States

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah same here – but we kinda reopened 😝🤨 … but we struggle – I think the United States is in the top 6 countries that are the WORST with handling this coronavirus – is scary!

        I do hope this ends soon, cause it’s very scary. 🙏

        I hope to travel one day – we see 🙏✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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