🔊Alerts 🔊

We just had a Blue Alert 😮 – both me AND daughter… our phones just went crazy with a loud awful sound and information about who they looking for.

The Blue Alert is from the California CHP… attack on a law enforcement officer and search for subject is still active… provides immediate information to the public about violent suspects – they want help seeking the suspect.

When you click on it – it shows you the persons photo, the car they drive and their license plate number- with the message “if seen call 9-1-1”

We get these for different reasons when is a important issue…

There are also Silver Alerts… for elderly persons with possible Alzheimer’s or dementia – or some situation where they may be disoriented … alert is sent if they are missing

We also have Amber Alerts – for a missing child

And EMA Alerts – for “Endangered Missing Advisory” – someone is in danger and if seen call authorities.

These alerts don’t happen too often, but when they do – it’s usually pretty serious

I just pulled up our local news … sure enough it is there

The police responded to reports at 7:25pm this evening of a man threatening suicide with a firearm.

They found him in his vehicle and he fired at officers. No officers were injured.

Suspect is said to be armed and dangerous. He is being sought after in “4” surrounding counties

Anyway… anyone threatening suicide is serious!!! And makes the situation much more dangerous!!

This occurred in the city I work in… I am in one of those surrounding counties.

Suicide is a VERY serious issue. And with the way things are with people struggling right now… and the way the world is so upside down right now… I’m sure many are on that edge.

Here in the United States – we have …

National Suicide Hotline … free confidential support for anyone in crisis or distress.


You can remain anonymous.

I hope they find him in time, and I hope he gets the help he needs 😔🙏

I also hope that other countries have something similar, should people need to reach out – especially right now!! 🙏🙏🙏

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