Going to bed 💤

I am going to bed 😮😳

I’m a little nervous to do that lol … just incase I get a call

Sometimes if you wake me from sleep – IF I am really tired … I can totally SEEM awake …and have a full complete convo with you – but I am actually still asleep lol – you have to make sure I am awake sometimes lol ✌️

Yes I do the talking in my sleep thing lol


Hopefully since I am on edge that will NOT happen!!!

Daughter is going to sleep with me tonight, so that she can be my extra ears and make sure I am awake lol

It’s my very first time being on call… so I definitely do not want to miss anything

So far so good. No news is good news!! Well, in this issue.

I thought about staying up – but that won’t work – I am tired. I have my own stuff to work on tmrw.

I have until 8am. I can’t pull an overnighter anymore – I have turned old lol

Anyway, I’m too tired to read anymore. I will do more tmrw

Watch …the very minute I lay down 🤨

Ok it’s midnight – I have to get to bed – 8 more hours ⏰

Gnite 😘✌️

4 thoughts on “Going to bed 💤

Add yours

    1. 😄😄😄 that’s hilarious – no I am not vulgar… funny but not vulgar… way more proper lol …

      Unless I’m driving lol… then I swear, but only while in the car 😄✌️

      It typically only happens, if you try to talk to me while I am sleeping lol – I will always respond 😄✌️


    1. Awww you are funny… I read your words – I would listen ✌️

      And btw… that’s only because you isolating currently – with a teen lol 😄✌️ they do that – don’t listen

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