A VERY good day ❤️

Work just called!!!!!!!!!! Omg

The office manager said to me, “do you remember what we spoke of yesterday?” 🤔

I said “yes but which thing?” … we spoke of many things.


They just offered me the assistant office manager job on all 3 locations!! I will be working under the office manager and my district manager!!

I said “yes”!! I really didn’t expect even though we spoke of… is a corporation – and it’s corona time so didn’t really expect!

So what month are we? August? I been there since February … through corona … and I did that 👏👏👏 yay!

I start next Monday!! I still do weekends, which is perfect … and now I get training in managing all 3 offices ❤️

I am now an assistant office manager for 3 locations!! Woo hoo!!

I have a home base – which will be my original funeral home. I will park my car there, and when need to jump locations – I can take the company van!

I’m kinda really excited ❤️ no matter what this plumps up my resume and gets me further!!! Yay!!!! – told you “Phoenix” 🦅

Today is a really awesome day – my smile is HUGE!!!!!


A VERY good day!!! I feel alive today ❤️


7 thoughts on “A VERY good day ❤️

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    1. Thank you 🥰 I’m both excited, but at the same time – death is taking my life over!!! So I am not sure quite yet, but I am excited for the position!! For sure

      Thank you!!

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