Mine ❤️

Ahhhh… I am at MINE ❤️ my favorite ❤️

This morning on my way in… that bad day song I posted yesterday – came on the radio 📻 … ya know… just to remind me of yesterday lol ✌️

But new day today – all by myself – ahhhh – I do have a lot to do and prepare for tonight 😮 I want to be ON IT! 🙏

I will have to talk to boss about 1 thing…

When I leave – I have to be on the highways … for one hour or so while I drive home… I don’t know how to take a death call while driving 😮 and that worries me… I take massive highways… how do I do that… pull off on the exits ?

And then that’s gonna take me long time – to get off, and then also I have to take the information – get in contact with my care center. Get the information to them.

How the hell am I gonna get home? – unless I hope and pray no one dies for an hour, until I can get home 🤨

Ugh so I will have to ask about that today.

Alright – I have to get to work. Wanna be done and prepared ✌️

I should be back little later 🤞

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