MY terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!!

Oh wow!! What a day, wait til you hear the day I’ve had, and what’s going on!!! I did not get home until 7pm!!!

That was a horrible very bad day!!

Ok… so I get there 8am… I actually like the girl I work with today. She’s pretty cool. She is my sons age. 26.

So a man comes in to pick up his mothers death certificates… so I do that. I just have to have him sign to receive them…

He is older than me, by ?? Few years – not sure exactly – didn’t ask.

But he made a coffee while I went to get certificates so whatever – I don’t mind … and so I didn’t want to rush him because you know – all of it is sensitive. You handle with care.

So he signed and I just stayed and chit chatted with him a little while… just while he finished his coffee – I didn’t want to rush him – that would be rude. And was quiet currently. I enjoyed the convo.

And then he needed something else from his funeral arranger – so I told him I would have her get in contact with him when she has that for him.

And then he says 🤨… ok well here – right here is my number… you can put it in your phone and just give me a call whenever 😳

Ummm lol… I didn’t say this… but don’t put peoples numbers in my phone unless it’s personal or my work people, not just random lol

So I just kinda repeated that she would let him know…

And again he repeated – well you should just take my number just incase 😳

Ok whatever … I did NOT take his number… I can’t do that!! …totally did not see that coming at the funeral home… ok then.

She will handle, not me! I am not his arranger. Nice guy, but ya know – I can’t just take his number like that. I am sure that is against company policy?

So anyway… there’s a viewing happening at noon, at 1pm they were going to do a Rosary 📿 (was another Catholic Service) and then from there they were going to cemetery.

They had an attendant, so I didn’t have to work it. And the time they would be at cemetery would be really hot time of day.

We prepped everything before the viewing – everything was perfect …

Then my boss arrived about 10:30/11… and then she say things…

Ok so remember haunted mansion… remember the boss lady there?

Alright she is struggling too much so the cooperation gave her a choice… be demoted or leave… we find out Monday her decision 😮😮😮😳

Regardless, haunted mansion just became one of “OUR” funeral homes – so now it IS in our jurisdiction. 😮 that was just given to my district manager!!

So my funeral home and ugly walls are like sister funeral homes… now we also have haunted mansion (which I love haunted mansion!!)

Ok so that was the first thing…

Second thing… she asked if I felt comfortable being on call… overnight 😮 I said we can try it, am I paid for that, we discussed and yes I am.

I be on call first time, tmrw night. I must remember to wake and say the funeral home name. I will be on call- just incase there is a death over night.

I work all day tmrw… and then I will be on call starting when I leave at 5pm… until 8am Monday morning 😮 … so we see how this goes 😳

But wait there’s even more…

I swear this day just kept coming at me!!!!!

Ok… so the viewing and rosary went fine… they went to cemetery… they back fast, went well…

And my boss hands me keys to hearse to go fill it up 😮 at a normal gas station lol Oh my god! … ok whatever

So the attendant guy says – I’ll come with you – show you the ropes… why yes please perfect! So he comes with me.

Everyone STARES at us lol – Oh my god!! What? Never seen a hearse pull in to get gas? Lol ✌️

Ok all that goes smoothly… no issues other than people just completely staring at us… I suppose a hearse gets looks anyway… and at a gas station it’s just funny.

We get back to the funeral home… and the attendant says – do you want to try to pull it in garage… sure I have to practice anyway.

I have done my own, I have even done haunted mansion. No issues ever.

But not today 😳😮 ugh 😩

I slowly slowly slowly backed it in… I had rear view camera … and window was open so I could see… the garage opening is small…

I was straightening and slowly moving in… when the rear wheel grabbed the handles of a ancient file cabinet 🗄 that had nothing in it…

It grabbed the handles and turned the file cabinet – no damage at all other than the wheel grabbing those handles and turning that file cabinet ever so slightly.

But because the file cabinet turned slightly and the wheel had a hold of the handle… it was wedged 😩 ughhhh – that was awful !!! It was a tiny space to fit in.

My bosses husband had to come down and we tried and tried … but we afraid to do damage – wasn’t sure if be bad or not – couldn’t see if was damage.

So boss’s husband gets in hearse and says I’m gonna drive out… I said wait!!! Won’t that damage!?… he said I have permission, already made sure. They have insurance if goes bad 😝

So he does it and we sorta shimmied the file cabinet a little, but not really … and then he just went forward… and it came free and was out!!! And guess what???? 😮… a small TINY scratch, you can not see, unless you know where to look!!! That’s it… no other damage!!! Omg thank god!!!

So I kinda lucked out that it did not go horribly wrong.

The girl I worked with told me a story about damage she had done once … showed me photos and was way worse… but still I did not like today.

Before we pulled hearse back in… the guys moved the file cabinet far AWAY from the hearse, so that never happens again!! Ugh

And then that made me REALLY late, leaving work ughh – I cost time today!! Oh and did I mention it was 103 today? 🥵

It could have been worse – thank god it wasn’t!!

So yeah – I had a bad day!! But could have been worse.

My entire body just aches and totally hates me right now!!! I might read a little later? But it’s been a day… I came home, undressed – made a quick dinner for daughter – and now I am melting into bed.

I will respond to comments currently – but I have a lot. And I don’t know if I am gonna make it to read (probably not)

I will be behind again. I always catch up eventually … sorta – I try!!

I am working at MINE tmrw … once again, when I walk in tmrw it’s gonna be like – ahhhh

I will be alone and no services going on!!! I don’t have to go anywhere – just work. Ahhh

But I have to be up early again and work straight through … from 8am Sunday …until Monday morning at 8am. 😮 24 hours!!

Please NO ONE die Sunday night – please don’t do that!!! 🙏

Ok at some point I will catch up. Sorry to be behind a lot!! Ugh – can we lock down again for a minute?? 😘✌️

Ok well crazy bad day… I got lucky was not even more horrible than I thought it was gonna be!! 😮

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