The heat 😮

I have a funeral and burial this morning so I will be gone for a while today.

I was gonna wear a cute sorta chemise type top? I would have that black jacket on anyway…

I am just having flashbacks from last time!! The heat 😝 wearing so much clothes and BLACK at that!!! I will be burnt and hot later 🤨😄✌️

Instead I went with a silky kinda shirt… I’m still gonna die… it’s just too hot to be in a black jacket!! Oh my god!

I am old!!! You don’t make old people be in the sun and heat like that!! Lol – whew … it’s gonna be hot! 🥵

Well anyway.. lookin good ✌️ plain black skirt to match jacket and navy blue silky shirt

No matter what I wear – it’s not gonna help … I need air conditioning in the jacket please – can someone just do that??

Alright I have to go ✌️

Please don’t let the heat be so bad 🙏

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