A life remembered ❤️✌️

When I lost my dad… June 4, 2017… I had no idea I was about to lose my grandfather also.

I was still grieving the loss of my father, and then July 29, 2017 … my grandfather died!! So was a double whammy…

It brought me to my knees.

I lost my grandmother 2 years later on June 17, 2019 – right before my surgery.

I still miss them… it hurts to not have them here still… I needed them still … but…

I have incredible memories ❤️ I try to sink into those and carry those…

It’s a little weird to look at photos and know most are gone. Like this one…

Only me and my mom are left from that photo. That’s a little weird. I always actually knew I would lose them and one day they would die… I just didn’t think was going to be sudden and a lot at once!! It’s like looking at ghosts.

But I do have amazing memories … since it is the death anniversary for my grandfather – this will be my memories of him

I was his angel… his princess ❤️ I was the first grandchild for him… oh did he love me ❤️

I get part of my spirit from him… the funny is from my mom… he was the prankster, he had a fun spirit – I was his right hand with those lol ❤️😄

When he would go to bed at night, he would read for awhile to fall asleep… I used to sneak in very quietly – never noticed … I would tickle his feet, giggle and run – he would jump outta bed and chase me lol ❤️

Every time I visited … he had a roll top desk in his bedroom … it would be FULL of 3 musketeers, milky ways, and peppermint patties ❤️ I would stuff my face – and he would let me … my grandmother used to get mad cause it spoiled my dinner … but he would allow it ❤️

We would also sit on the porch with the police scanner – and we would listen to the excitement, while having bowls of ice cream with jimmies ❤️ always with jimmies ❤️

That’s my big bird btw lol.. I still have it ❤️ … it hasn’t looked like big bird in a long time 😄 it came everywhere with me. They used to tease me that it looked like a magicians chicken 😄😄 but I still loved big bird ❤️ my grandfather gave me that.

They came on vacations with us at the beginning of summer… was always beach vacations – down to Sanibel, or once to Homosassa.

I once fell off a pier 😮 Oh my god! They all jumped in after me. Fully clothed and all, right away… I could see their fear and panic… I was maybe 4? I remember that.

My grandfather is holding me and going to put me in the frog raft… my uncle was playing shark and grabbing my legs lol … so I am watching him lol

One day, we were at the beach, and he was showing me how to feed the seagulls…

I tried it too ❤️ … then we went to have lunch and had hotdogs on the BBQ… one of those seagulls came down and took a whole hot dog 😄😄❤️ it was funny

He used to think he was hot shit cause he had a boat lol… that’s not his boat … he had more of a speed boat… he used to let me drive it even at 3!!

I used to floor it to top speed and then cut the wheel 😄❤️ the whole boat would go up on its side – and I would squeal with delight … I think he just liked my squeals and knew he gave them to me. ❤️

He got me to love frogs … and we would build them little habitats ❤️ … sometimes we would pop up at the kitchen window with a frog just to hear my mom and grandmother scream lol – we both loved that lol

He used to take me around his town and prance me around, this is my granddaughter he would tell everyone…

And one time a cute Italian boy in the neighborhood came around when I was visiting lol… he didn’t like that much and used to kinda usher me inside lol 😄😄

I loved going to their house, my dad couldn’t even put the car in park before I was jump out to run to them!

His parents were from Ireland 🇮🇪… they came here around 1925. He was very irish, extremely irish… sang irish songs, told me irish sayings – sang stuff to me all the time.

He would never call me Trisha … ever … to him I always be his little Patty 😘❤️

So may he Rest In Peace and he has left me with his words, his love and incredible memories ❤️ I love you Grandaddy – I’m lucky I had you ☘️

That’s my last photo of him ❤️

And because he was so irish… and it was always a thing…

So in his memory, let me also post this cause he was also very funny ❤️✌️🇮🇪❤️ makes me giggle to remember how funny and full of life he was

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  1. That’s all wonderful!

    I just realized I have no pics of my G-Ma. Due to family issues, she’s the only grandparent I knew. I know I look a lot like her. I don’t think of her often (she died in the 80s) but happened to do so yesterday, looking at my recycle bin full of beer bottles. My family didn’t drink and it was considered ‘scandalous’ that, after retiring and moving to an assisted living facility, my G-Ma developed a beer belly by drinking roughly a 6-pack a week. (I drank 24 bottles in 5 days.)

    I’m happy you have so many good memories to carry you through this time of year. I hope the good memories outweigh the pain. Your Grandaddy was clearly a great man!

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    1. Funny how things make us remember like that?

      I don’t usually drink … but maybe wine if with girlfriends. It hits me fast …

      My mom couldn’t do alcohol either … sometimes my dad would have to wine and dine clients… and they would go out… if the client bought wine – you drink that wine. Respect ✊

      So anyway they would come home and my mom would be all giggly lol and her neck would turn red 😄😄 I loved seeing her so giggly ❤️

      Well I do have so many amazing memories… they make me smile, then I remember they are gone. And I miss … the pain is always going to be the same – just time moves on.

      I would rather smile at the life, then cry with the pain. They made me feel love, and with them I was happy … so only fitting when I think of them remember the smiles. They never wanted to see me cry. I want to smile to remember – I want those memories ❤️

      That hits the bar real high for a man. Lol … I already knew the best. ✌️

      I only have those pictures because my dad constantly had the camera in his hand 🤨😄 … you should see the millions of pictures I have … both of people and nature… and then he categorized them all according to year taken ❤️

      I have everything – their whole lives – since 1970!!! I have my own birth, my birthdays, vacations, Christmas … all of it – right up to present day.

      And then all my grandparents photos !! I have photos all the way back from 1903!!! And then when you combine them both – you can watch the lives 😮 it’s incredible!!!

      You also get to see the changes in things over time… you watch time pass in photos!

      So yeah I am also big into photos ❤️✌️


      1. All my family photos, including back to tins types of ancestors, are with my father or sister. I think I “stole” 2 or 3 of me as a child but that’s it.

        I wish I had the pic of me and the neighbor girls posing in dress up clothes in the front yard. It’s a great picture. I’ve got it in my memories but wish I had a hard copy.

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      2. My mom was like you… she didn’t have a lot of photos from growing up. Her parents were different – love them … but they were my “B” set lol ✌️

        She had maybe only 2 or 3 photos when she was young… one was at the beach when she was 8, she didn’t have a shirt on – she hated that picture … I haven’t seen it since. She probably threw it away?

        She looked just like me, as a teenager when I would go visit my grandparents – my mom’s parents were right down the street from my Dads … people who knew my mom would stop me and say “Oh my god! You have to be Pat’s daughter” lol

        So I lived in legacy lol… was kinda like my own Camelot ❤️


      3. I snagged 3 of my fac pics… the one where I look like Tabatha from bewitched, the one where I’m pre-toddler and yelling at the camera, and the slide of me – about 4 yrs old – in bright red shirt next to a donkey (no memory of the event, it’s just a great pic).

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    1. Thank you 🥰 … yes they are and I have many!! So many!! I am thankful for that very much!!

      Haha I still love frogs 🐸

      My son had one he raised as a tadpole ❤️ his name was Froggy lol … we had him for about 12 years.

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    1. That was my Grandaddy ❤️ that’s my dads dad … yup that’s where I get my smile from 💕 he was always happy

      He was a New England’er though – they are similar to New Yorkers lol – kinda brash, ready to take you on lol, can be hard headed with his ideas lol … he definitely had personality ❤️

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