Ugly walls 😝

I am working at the ugly office walls place 😝

I don’t like the walls … and I really don’t like being there??

The walls hurt my eyes, and I like “my girls” at MY place, cause we all help each other – these other ones don’t and I don’t trust them at all.

I also do not like my work area with any unnecessary drama. 🤨 I like peace

I also love the haunted mansion…

I just don’t like the ugly walls one?? I just really hate it there for so many reasons – but whatever

It’s like a cave, with awful walls… I have no video surveillance at all.


I don’t trust the girls there?? So I have to be on guard with everything – I really don’t like that!!! It’s very tense to me… But whatever

Ok I’ll be back later cause is probably services today 😷

8 thoughts on “Ugly walls 😝

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    1. Lol… depends on the walls of which you speak …

      You have emotional walls and also literal walls

      Emotionally – I am working on tearing down my walls and barriers – ish lol ✌️… I am though.

      And literal walls – I do like having walls in a room to sleep in… because I’m not big into bugs or wild animals while I sleep – and I do like privacy also.

      But yeah I get what you say I think?

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  1. I am slightly… envious… that your office politics is mostly confined to 1 location. Virtually every job I’ve had was 50/50 cool peeps and backstabbers. And it was always the backstabbers who got ahead. It frustrated me till I started thinking about what life must be like inside their heads… so much unhappiness.

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    1. I posted about stuff today. My original office is perfection – all of them… haunted mansion – I’m still learning and so far been ok… I watch and listen.

      And then ugly walls always has something 🤨🙄


    1. Lol… well I like safety from wild animals and bugs when I sleep lol ✌️ I also like not to be killed or robbed or anything else.

      I like sleeping in a bed – and I like my privacy too … so maybe a few actual walls lol

      I also like warmth in winter – you will see … I will constantly mention summer and how I miss it, how much longer until summer again lol 😄✌️ – winter I have to wear tons of clothes (not that I’m against clothes – I just hate too much!) … and I am always freezing!! So walls be nice to keep the heat in during winter

      See valid points lol ✌️😄

      And emotional walls – well work in progress always, right? Lol ✌️

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