Ugh gas ⛽️

Ok 😑 I really don’t want gas today. I won’t make it home if I don’t.

Off to get gas ⛽️ bleh… do not make direct eye contact lol… make I can skate by and blend in. Its a Saturday … I’m all dressed up. Like dressed up – I’m gonna stick out like a sore thumb!! Oh my goodness – ok I got this

I wish I could just teleport home. If it takes this long for a vaccine… I’m not ever getting teleportation, in my lifetime!!! … safely lol

I dream of teleporting home though … so much right now!!!

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    1. I stay distanced -VERY!!! And I always have a mask on!! I always carry hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. My job is essential but I am still distanced even there. I am not around people much usually, and when I am we stay distanced.

      So I need to work, or won’t survive. It’s an unfortunate catch 22

      We have reopened but ya know… they reopen, then we have more cases and is going up… so they shut back down slowly. Many are struggling!

      I think the kids are going to be ALL homeschooled … we had until August 5 to be ok… but the cases jumped so now we have to wait until August 20th to see.

      Without a vaccine, I would rather homeschool anyway – too dangerous in a school setting not to. To me anyway. Schools are like Petri dishes with germs 🦠

      Thank you though – please stay safe and healthy too 🙏


      1. Yes, share your sentiments, and well done on protecting yourself. It is very hard these days. Unless everyone going out practices safety protocols strictly, transmission will continue until there is a vaccine.

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