I am at Haunted Mansion… there is a service going on outside in the parking lot 😮 first time ever!!

Because they wanted more than allowed inside… outside you are able to accommodate a LITTLE better so… we are doing that 😮

When the service is done, I have to go grab the hearse from my actual funeral home and bring it here to the Haunted Mansion!!

It is a crazy day… and I have been trying all morning to log into the computer 👩‍💻… I’m about to throw them all out the window!!! Only the lap top allows me to log in , but not do anything!!!

Oh my god! I can not do shit!!!

I’ve spent the entire morning on the phone with a really awesome guy at help desk… he even remotely took over my computer, which is so cool

Very annoyed with the computers today!!! Ugh!!! I need to get into my stuff!!!

Stupid computers!!! I’ve tried 3 of em and only the laptop lets me actually on the computer but not in my stuff!!!! 🤨

Grrrrr!!!! Frustrated!!!

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  1. Sorry you have my juju from Tues, when all my electronics were acting with minds of their own!!

    I hope it gets better.

    You’re going to drive the hearse? I’m having a Harold&Maude moment (she steals cars, including Harold’s hearse, and likes it’s handling).

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    1. Hahaha they stopped and got the hearse after the cemetery so I didn’t have to do it… but Oh my god! Been nuts here – I will do a post shortly 😮😮😮 Oh my god!

      I wrote that earlier and it got crazy 😮 like insane 😮wait til I make a post!! Shortly

      The hearse is pretty cool… I do like the hearse!!

      Never stole cars though ✌️

      Did he work at a funeral home too?


  2. Looks like the laptop worked after all, lol.
    Silly question but why are you at a funeral home? Work? Is this the haunted place you talked about in a previous post?

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    1. Nope none of it worked all day long!!! Frustrating!! The IT guy took over the computer remotely and could not figure it out at all.

      So I kept calling IT all day lol ✌️… I need access to the files – is imperative… it ended up being the stupid password … they make me change it every 90 days but because I was at a new location it did not ask me to change it but instead locked me out 🤨😑 grrr Lol

      But is fixed now thankfully!! That was frustrating though

      Yes I work at a funeral home. I have 3 of them actually – one is mine… that’s one is my favorite cause is the best… and the other 2, including haunted Mansion… they are short staffed and there is a hiring freeze on it. So I help them when they need it

      The one I work for is in a network nationwide of funeral homes. So we are connected

      And yup I call it the Haunted Mansion because it reminds me of the Disney ride – was built in 1903 and little creepy lol ✌️ but totally awesome with incredible character!!

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      1. Ah, thank you. Interesting I think. Some people say they find graveyards peaceful, reminds me of how you say it is quite and nice there, or is it your daughter.

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      2. It is interesting… I’ve only been doing since February and kinda just fell in my lap right before corona…

        Nope that’s me that says it … some days are insane – but other days when no services … those are peaceful… and the funeral homes are always pretty and well decorated – we cater to the families… anything they want – so it’s always beautiful

        My weekends are really peaceful usually – except calls but that’s ok… and I am locked away inside so kinda like that currently

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    1. Yeah totally!! Today was NOT the day for that!!! It was insane today!!!

      Was just the stupid password … because I was at another location other than mine and must have been that stupid 90 day thing

      So I just kept calling IT until they fix it lol … I bet they hate me now 😄😘✌️

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