Oh do I have stories!!

Let’s just skip over the stupid computer stories… I am over those!!! Finally got working by 4:30pm and was stupid password… I did not like the computers today!!! They were annoying and I did nothing online!!! Wasted day on that. But whatever

So anyway… we had that outdoor service … it went really well and smoothly.

They ran over time… this person was loved DEARLY!! Was young… adult but young. Some really cried 💔 even the men!!! It was really sad!!! 💔 broke my heart (the first time of the day)

You want to hug them and say you sorry for loss – but you just can’t … we all have to distance and wear masks.

So that finishes and the boss lady takes off with the attendant in the Haunted Mansion Hearse. (Their hearse is beyond fancy!!) (mine is beautiful too but not AS fancy)

So… then I am alone… daughter is with me but she’s on her phone…

And the office phone… Oh my god! Was ringing off the fricken hook!!! There are 2 or 3 services tmrw back to back to back!!!!! I am not working tmrw – too many hours

But that phone was going crazy!! One is a veteran, so they get special salutes from the VA… they called to confirm… the florist wants to deliver flowers, some guy is calling saying he is outside and has a paper work delivery Oh my god!

I had a REALLY sad sad case come in today – broke my heart completely!! Sometimes they are really hard and really sad 💔☹️ so handled that, felt awful – was just one that hits your heart.

And then some other guy calls me and says he is out back by the garage where we keep the hearse and van, can I open garage door – he has a delivery for me 🤨 ok … whatever … thinking is something “normal” … of course it was not…

So I have to forward the phones to MY phone (hope my friends don’t call because I have to answer “such and such funeral home, can I help you?” Lol it creeps them out 😄😄😄)

So I go to the garage and I open the garage door … there is a BIG white van… and a man 😮lol

You should have seen his face when he saw me… Oh my god! Cause I was all dressed up … dolled up… and the garage door went up… and then he saw me

He did not expect me – he doesn’t know me and has never seen me before. But his face, I think he was stunned? And then he just smiled and smiled lol … he introduced himself…

But he kept tripping on his words… almost like he forgot the English language lol

The delivery he has was a fricken body!!!!!!!

Would have been nice to know this was coming!!! I was by myself!!! But whatever

When you accept a body – it is in a casket. (Unless is cremation)

We have a chain of custody paperwork that each person who accepts possession of that body must sign and that paper must stay with body AT ALL TIMES!!!!

I also have to get our paper work and verify name, date of birth, date of death, and ID#… all those have to match before I can accept. I had to check the toe tag 😮

They matched so I accepted the body. It looked really good – just like sleeping. They do an amazing job!

Anyway… as I get the platform to put the casket on… he’s talking to me… he asked was I new? Yes I am, but I work out of another one, and I mentioned it… I am only helping – he knew all my girls.

Then he says… where are you from ? Not around here? Lol

Umm no, back East… Massachusetts and he goes – I thought I detected that accent.

Personally I think I hide it well but whatever ✌️

He just kept smiling.

So I got the platform, grabbed a pair of gloves 🧤 put them on and we slid the casket from the van to the platform, we had grips on the sides – we did slowly.

And we put in back room, when we keep until ready for service.

We talked about how awesome and hilarious funeral people are, because he asked me if I liked it so far… yeah I’m learning and is essential so I get to work… is peaceful and I enjoy the people- they are kind and have immense compassion!!!

I asked him if he liked it, because he has been doing for maybe 10/11 years… so he must… he said yeah but he rather be riding his bike 🤨

I said “bike?” And he lit up… some Harley – whatever … guys like that stuff and think impresses every single girl. Not really … but whatever cool for him.

I think of being smacked by bugs … my hair getting all gnatting and tangled… and oohhh one wrong move and you toast – or other drivers!!

So yeah I like a steel cage, thank you lol ✌️😘 but whatever

Anyway… he didn’t want to leave… and you should have seen the way he was looking at me with that smile!! 😳

I still had the gloves on, and he reached out, I thought to shake my hand…

But instead, he said “pleasure to meet you Trisha, you are very beautiful, keep smiling” and instead of shaking my hand … he kinda bowed and kissed my hand (while in the glove 😮)

You know? 😮 very chivalrous like 😮😮😮 I did not at all expect or see that coming 😮😳 kinda stunned me a little – caught me WAY off guard.

He was very nice. But that was different 😮 see what happens – this stuff happens all the time!!

You would think I expect by now – but no I don’t

I think he was just being nice… I’m just gonna go with that. Lol ✌️

So whatever – the phones continued to go nuts… they finally came back with both hearses… we had several people come in to arrange a funeral…

And by the end of the day – I felt like a rag doll that some kid tossed around lol – it was exhausting!!

I had ordered groceries yesterday to pick up on the way home… it texts me when ready for pick up… I had completely forgotten all about that!!!

I don’t shop anymore I order and then go pick up and they load in my trunk. No contact.

So we take the gazillion highways home 😝 during rush hour on a weekday!! Ugh!! Yuck!!!

And we finally get there get the groceries… and then we come home – I asked to please help me bring in the groceries before you go relax lol – so daughter helped me do that.

I am going to sleep like a fricken baby tonight omg!! I will melt into bed for sure!!!

Alright well – I have to move my car cause I parked it weird… gonna do that now… then I be back…

Oh one other thing… when we came home and walked in the house – I could feel something on the bottom of my shoes?? Like I step in something!! 😮

I did…. fricken prickers!!! I don’t know what anyone else calls them but Oh my god! They fuckin hurt if you step on them barefoot!!

I had undressed and threw in little shorts and a tank top… I had no shoes on… some must have come off my shoe, into the carpet … I stepped right on them Oh my god! Pain!!!

They are hard – really hard… and have prickers … or umm 🤔 thorn type things? Ugh they are horrible!!!

I almost lost a foot lol… kidding but it really really hurt!!!

I have checked the carpets and seems ok since then – I will vacuum tmrw – I am not pulling out the vacuum and doing right now!! I am spent!!! So nope.

My foot still hurts from that!!

I get tmrw off… but working all weekend and into the week.

Yay!! Tmrw is Friday ❤️ I love Friday ❤️❤️❤️

Ok let me move my car 😘✌️ I be back in a moment to read

Gnite 😘✌️

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    1. Yeah but the pain seems to be getting worse? But there is no mark?? No lump, no redness? I don’t understand – bleh. I will have to use that foot soaker tub thing my kids got me for Bday … maybe that will help? 🙏 … I wish it had been a lego!! I love legos!!!!!! ❤️

      Ugh – yeah I hate rush hour… we have tons of clog!! Between 4pm and 6pm – is like a parking lot or stop and go … ugh yeah – so you have it too huh? For one minute I had them to myself – I will NEVER forget that memory ✌️

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