Friday’s are the best day ever always ❤️

We had a really fun Friday night … was full of laughing ❤️

All 3 of my kids went to same elementary school… (we love that school – miss that school!! Best school ever!)

Anyway… when my oldest was in school … there used to be a game the kids played out on the playground called “wall ball” 😄😄

Very self explanatory lol… you hit a ball on a wall lol … he used to come home from school and tell me endless stories about how awesome wall ball had been that day. 😄😄

Or how the kids used to line up to play and the line be really long!!

Well he hasn’t been in elementary in years and years.. he graduated high school in 2012.

Both other kids went to same school too… but neither one loved Wall Ball like my oldest lol – he was like the king of the game lol (surprise surprise lol)

18… never really cared about it and by the time my daughter was there … Wall Ball was annoying to her and the lines were no more and while kids still played it … she had zero interest lol

I reminded oldest of Wall Ball,.. and still he speaks about with excitement lol 😄❤️

Daughter however is like Wall Ball was worst game ever lol … but was funny cause each was explaining why it was awesome and the other was going on about why it sucked … and 18 was like “who cares” lol

Also… my phone acting up… but I remembered I have insurance on it… so I put a claim in and they sending me new phone … I tell them that.

Anytime I talk about my phone … ALL 3 try to convince me to go android … ummm no… I am not an android person …

I really hate the android with a passion… I have had iPhone since day one… I tend to find things I really like and then only want that particular one or kind lol. ✌️

All 3 of them have androids … I still have an iPhone.

The thing I hate the absolute most about android is the iOS (operating system) … ugh I hate it!!! It’s all loosy goosy 😝

Where iPhone just so easy. Relaxed chill lol ✌️ I know it well. ❤️

But iPhone has its things I hate too… I hate their batteries…

Ya know since Steve Jobs died…  Apple has not really be amazing as they used to be and where are the new innovative products? And fix your batteries!! Are you not tech giants – then fix that!!! Stop making them suck!!!

Screw the camera – fix the battery!!!!!!

That’s my biggest thing with them… that and their phones are expensive which is why I am not upgrading and only using the insurance instead .

I was gonna upgrade but forget that…

So they lecture me about going android … you can talk til you’re blue in the face – you can’t convince me!! Lol

They try to show me I can download some app thing that can make the android have  Apple iOS 🤨

I can guarantee you is not as good… I just don’t trust it and don’t think it would make me happy whatsoever.

Not interested. Lol ✌️but they try lol

I was sharing Nana’s pictures (my mom) and telling them she says hi… like 50 thousand times lol

Then I was telling them about that whole “Mike” conversation with her… 🤨

And 18 says … ahhhh so now you see what is like??

I said what??? I don’t do that

He says “yes you do… every time I am texting you ask who it is and before I can answer you are asking me if is a girl” lol … ok maybe I do do that lol ✌️😄

Hey ya know… like mother/like daughter 😘✌️ just tell me lol … it was funny though cause oh ok now I see lol ✌️… I will TRY not to be my mom lol ❤️

I am kinda a carbon copy of my mother … sorta … she is the older version… I am the update lol ✌️😄

Then we played “The Mind” … that’s the game where we all play together and there is no ONE winner … we have to win together ❤️

I like that one because is a funny game … is kinda with numbers … but we always laugh so much… and no one is mad that one particular person always wins everything lol

Is perfect game for us lol 😄✌️ we all enjoy ❤️

So yeah had a really fun awesome Friday … but Friday’s are always the best ❤️

I heard from my police officer 😮… he said he hadn’t read yet, but will take a look and tell me what he thinks 😊 – so that’s good news 🙏 it’s something

I didn’t expect him to message yet.

Little sick feeling to have him know my life and stuff but whatever … I’m just uncomfortable – way outside my comfort zone… but maybe that’s good?

When I sent that… I wrote it, reread it, then just held my breath literally – and hit send before I could think about it. Lol ✌️

Then I felt sick lol… but whatever – not a lot of choices. Better than nothing 🤨

Daughter wants to come see haunted mansion tmrw – I keep talking about it like it’s this totally amazing place because it totally is!!! lol 😘✌️

I told her she can hang out in the home quarters area… with the couch and tv while I work. Lol … she’s gonna love it!!! Totally!! How do you not?

I can’t wait to see what she thinks!!

So we have to be getting to bed… no 4, but really 5am, stuff tonight – I already had that talk lol ✌️😄

Ok good night for now… I’ll probably have best chance for reading tmrw night after work. Can’t wait for her to see haunted mansion ❤️

Her memories later when she’s an adult… my mom used to take me to work on weekends at funeral homes lol … you’re welcome ✌️😄 I’m kidding but it’s a cool story 😘 unique ❤️

Alright good night for now. We have to sleep 😴😘✌️

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  1. I still remember going to work with my dad when he got called out on a weekend, when I was about 5. He was an IBM mainframe repair tech waaay before the days of personal computers, and I would make thousands of keypunch cards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to go with my dad only on weekends … sometimes the alarm would trip and my dad was the big wig of that area and would have to go down and make sure everything was fine…

      I loved that cause he was an electrical engineer… for old school Westinghouse (not Westinghouse of today – today’s Westinghouse is name only … not the original, they just bought the name)

      The original Westinghouse was bought out by Cutler Hammer and then now I believe is currently Eaton.

      Anyway… we go down to these BIG giant plants – it always smelled of electrical… but it was these HUGE warehouses … and we used to run through them and make noises cause it echo’ed lol … while my dad checked everything and made calls.


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