I have to be kinda fast 😮

So let’s see… got to funeral home… we loaded the casket in the hearse… I followed her in the flower van to the cemetery.

Check this out… it was a catholic cemetery … but they didn’t have stones – just markers and then they had the walls…

There was one small small section with headstones…

I was told if they are called a “memorial park” or “memorial garden” it will just be the markers. The markers are stones flush with the ground, with the name and things on it.

But if it is called a cemetery … THEN you have headstones.

The small section that did have headstones, I was told is unorthodox

I am definitely going for a “cemetery”!!!! I like that WAY better!!!

It was beautiful but I like the head stones. Just a preference ✌️ just sayin lol

The family was already there… we got there at 8:30… the family did not have any pall bearers (people who help carry casket)

And I can not lift, well… luckily we had already requested some from the memorial “park”.

So… they rolled the casket on to the ??? I dunno what it’s called yet… the wheelie thing ✌️😘 sorry.

Anyway, he was going in a wall. So right now we have restrictions and each cemetery can incorporate their own preferences – this place 8… I think we had 10… no policed us… but everyone was in masks 😷 and everyone kept pretty big distance from each other.

The son spoke. The man was 100…

Before he died … maybe 2 weeks prior … he told the son… don’t cry for me when I die, I have had a long wonderful life. Be happy and keep living. ❤️

Anyway … the son got choked up… that was hard to watch without getting teary 💔

So it was over… and we have to stay until coffin ⚰️ is placed and goes in. After we leave the memorial park, will place the stone and marker.

We went back to funeral home (that took about an hour)

And there was an inside service …so I helped with that.

I am really not too keen with this ugly walls one. Several time I had to tell these ones I can’t lift. I am going to have to mention that. And they don’t do anything, and I don’t know where anything is there. I don’t like working at that one … and that place is like a cave with really bad office walls

There is no surveillance so I can’t see anything anywhere… there are bums doing bad things … so yeah that is NOT my favorite place!!!!

But whatever … tmrw is the haunted mansion ❤️🥰❤️ I just really L❤️VE the haunted mansion!! I wish it was closer to me in the country!!

I worked until 12:30pm… they wanted me to stay longer but I had stuff to do. And they only told me 12.

The boys be coming shortly.

I will TRY to be back tonight but I have to go to sleep early because I work the haunted mansion at 8am!!

I will definitely try to do the Friday update but I am going to fall very behind in reading … sorry… back to back working (which is good)

I also have to do my case though 😮 and many things.

So I be back as able 😘❤️✌️

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  1. Bummer about no headstones! You would LOVE the annual cemetery tour near me. The historical society selects about 10 to 15 graves and local community actors appear in costume and tell the life & death story of the person. They do different graves every year. The cemetery dates back to 1906 with the oldest headstone being from the 1880s (people moved their loved ones closer). But there’s not a funeral home in sight and no open plots.

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      1. Have you heard of Hollywood Forever, where tons of celebrities are buried. It’s pretty cool. Tryron Powers has a large, above ground, marble encasement with a very realistic lipstick kiss engraved on it. Someone (Douglas Fairbanks?) has a mausoleum with a long pond on front of it. Their tour sucks but they have a cool Dia de los Muertos festival every year.

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      2. I know there is a celebrity cemetery – didn’t know the name of it. I bet it’s beautiful and amazing!

        I don’t know who Tryron Powers is?? But ooohhhh I would like a red lipstick 💄 kiss on mine!!! ❤️

        Back East, we would enjoy walking through all the really old cemeteries … in Worcester, Massachusetts – behind city hall… they used to have a really old cemetery … it is no longer there… only a select few remain

        And if you go into the rural areas … you can find the most amazing old old old cemeteries from 1600’s/1700’s – which just blow your mind!! And many died so young!!! Very rarely would you see someone in 80’s/90’s/100!!

        I always used to imagine what their life would have been like. It’s incredible!

        (My dads family is from Worcester – my mom is from Framingham/Natick)

        Worcester, Massachusetts is my one constant in my life always ❤️ or used to me … Worcester owns my heart ❤️✌️


      3. Hollywood Forever is interesting and nice but I wouldn’t say “beautiful”. A lot of the headstones are quite large. It’s on the middle of the city and backs onto the Paramount Studios lot. It’s pretty small and probably full. Most celebs get buried at Rose Hills now.

        Tyrone Powers was a heartthrob in the… 1940s?

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      4. Ok I know who he is… or I’ve seen him at least… my mom was in love with Zorro back in the day. I had to google though. He was very handsome…

        I am not really the type that heartthrobs over celebrities or famous people? Never really have been.

        Forest Lawn is one I have heard about though.


      5. Rose Hills is the size of a small city. Forest Lawn has many cemeteries of many sizes. I used to live across the street from the one in Cypress and it made me understand ghost stories. When conditions were right, which was often, fog would crawl over and down the property walls about 6″ from the new wall itself. Realllly spooky!

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      6. Ooohhh that sounds spooky!

        Have you ever been to Virginia City, Nevada? Mark Twain stayed there briefly… but their cemetery is incredible!! Is an old west town, for some reason it feels creepy to me?

        Some really old ones back East give me the creeps – like the one in Salem, Massachusetts – but maybe that’s because I know what went on… and some innocent lives were taken over fear. ??

        When I was little – for some reason I thought if you were old and went into a cemetery – that’s how you died 😮

        When my great grandmother died, I didn’t want my grandparents going to the cemetery lol … but they promised me be ok and it was lol … but I thought that once 😮


      7. I know the show Maude …

        …and I have heard of Harold and Maude, but I never watched it.

        I did not know was filmed there

        I know Jackie Gleason rode that wooden rollercoaster 🎢 that little rickety one lol

        They have changed it I believe?


      8. I looooove The Giant Dipper!!! One of the last wooden rollercoasters with no-longer-brass rings!!

        I dunno what you’d think of Harold and Maude. I’m a major fan of it. It’s from the… 70s?? (Yes, 1971, per tge internet.) Great soundtrack of Cat Stevens songs.

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      9. Hahaha the brass rings lol I remember those! They took all the fun things away!

        That rollercoaster IS completely amazing!

        Hmm is their humor somewhat dry? lol … it was just before my time… I was born in ‘72.

        I remember stuff like … umm “Welcome Back Cotter”… Happy Days lol
        WKRP in Cincinnati, Cheers ❤️

        I remember the show Maude but very very vaguely … wasn’t it kinda dry type humor? Lol


      10. Maude was bleh… not my style at all.

        The carousel at Santa Cruz still has rings, just not brass ones. I love that my brain combined it with the roller coaster. lol

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