Haunted Mansion

Today I am at the haunted mansion… but I am not by myself today… there are 3 of us here.

I am handling the phones and people… another is inserting files in computer and the other is having meetings with families arranging the funerals.

Been a busy day. Right now is first chance I have had for lunch… I am eating really quick and then have to get back.

She ask if I can stay for little while longer – so I guess is fine – is paycheck and as long as she clears it with my manager which she did, so is fine.

They are definitely sharing me she told me today… and I also just got clearance for the files … so now I have 3 funeral homes, and clearance with all 3 😮

I am evidently now collecting funeral homes lol ✌️

I love my own… but the one I am at today so far is my favorite cause it’s grand!

But even they were telling me about the mother of all funeral homes… I am going to have to GPS it and go see 😮

Every single person who me mentions that place tells me it will floor you with grandeur 😮😮 I have to see this!!! Someday!!! They have me so curious!!!

Ok I have to get back 😘✌️

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