All over the place 🤨

Ok I have my questions, I’m still organizing things though … it’s going ok…

It kinda makes me feel sick… cause I look back on everything and he has been so brutal… I am afraid to make moves, because I am afraid he will be brutal again and I have no protection. So I’m a little scared.

But ya know, we see what happens.

When I look at those files … I have to give the courts text messages and things he was harassing me with… I have to see all that… and then I remember … and then I feel the panic… and then it overwhelms me and then I cry.

But is ok… is just a moment in time and I can handle it.

I don’t think I can do anymore tonight. I need to step away from it. I have the questions. I just kinda look through to see if anything else.

I have to go to the post office… I have a PO Box… I have mail come to my address too… but the PO Box is so that I always have a place to get my mail, even if I move around. I just keep it.

I could have gone earlier, but I didn’t. I just didn’t wanna deal with the heat and people. I will go shortly… the post office will be closed and no one will be there. You can still get in to mailbox areas… and I have a key. I have keys to everything lol ✌️

And here is something else… guess who wants me for tmrw… that’s right … the Haunted Mansion!!! They want me in for 9am… I am covering for the manager. They be back after lunch… so just a couple hours. I love the Haunted Mansion ❤️

I only call it that, cause that’s what it reminds me of ❤️… I don’t know if is haunted? Lol maybe left over energy? But it never bothers me ❤️🥰❤️ …

And it’s not a Mansion … but is huge and fun!!! I love that it has secret rooms and corridors and fun places!! I love its character ❤️

So I get to do that tmrw and make some more money. They are totally seeping into my life!!! 😮

At first… was just regular… just a side job, next to the one I had at the school. I don’t have school anymore… and now they are totally engulfing my life.

I do love it, so I am ok with that.

It’s just weird… I am very protective… but here I just feel at ease ❤️ … like I don’t have to be on guard all the time.

The people are awesome, the job is pretty cool, I like learning everything, find everything exciting… so it’s good.

I like being with them ❤️ I also feel safe with them.

Plus death is an essential business… so I can still work through shut downs or whatever. It’s a must. You need that. Someone has to handle it.

So it doesn’t make me panic. And I get to be locked away most of the time. I like that too.

Anyway so yeah… working the haunted mansion again tmrw ❤️✌️

I think I just question if I am ok being around so much death? The people I work with blind me with their awesomeness lol ✌️ so it deflects from all the death.

I think I am ok with it. It’s life. And it does help me with my own things kinda?

I also take time to feel comfortable with people – but these people I feel comfortable right away!! 😮 it makes me feel like I found my spot.

And it’s perfect for me… I get my safety and security… and it’s ok I move slow or can’t do things with my chest and arm – none of that is even an issue and only noticed when something needs to be lifted – which I can’t do. But they are ok with that ❤️ we work around it ❤️ is

So far seems pretty perfect… but I probably shouldn’t say that… I want it to stay amazing ✌️😘

Anyway … I should probably throw on some actual clothes to go outside in public lol… I gotta get to the post office and thrown my trash away, which I will just drive up to on my way to post office … is far to walk and I can’t carry something like that that far by myself. Lol … so I’ll drive lol

It will take me awhile, but I plan on reading to take my mind away a little before bed

I’ll be back – I am being slow. ✌️

6 thoughts on “All over the place 🤨

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  1. It’s cool that a little gig is turning into a bigger thing.. maybe a career. My current (past?) career happened that way. And, ya know, if the death thing ever gets to be too much you can take your new skills somewhere else (queue Fatima and the Tent).

    I think the place has a strong Haunted Mansion vibe due to all the hidden areas. But watch out for those portraits stretching to reveal silly/scary full length images! (I always liked that part of the ride)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️❤️❤️ you know that story?! Yes that is true

      I know I was thinking the exact same thing when in that library lol … if that ceiling starts growing – I am out!!! Lol


      1. Someone gave me a copy of Fatima when I was about 25. I’ve shared it with hundreds.

        Also watch out for the portraits turning to evil skeletons during lightning storms!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You were probably the one who share with me then!

        Lol … just that one portrait of the founder with his eyes 👀… they like follow you around the room 😮✌️😄

        They do kinda 😳

        Liked by 1 person

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