I have 2 now ✌️

That was a cool day – I like it there – is pretty cool. Very beautiful.

I gave up on that other vacuum … and found a Bissell in the garage lol… way better!

Their alarm … I kinda figured it out … pretty sure? Hopefully. I found the off and on buttons … but it scares the crap out of me to alarm it 🤨 it BEEPS REALLY loud!!! I was just like ok I’m out lol ✌️

I forgot my charger 🔌 and my black jacket there but whatever – I go back next Saturday …

They are actually keeping me for awhile. I have 2 funeral homes now… a small quaint down to earth, every person funeral home… and a fancy beautiful high class one … I like this – pretty cool!

Alright well… I am still far behind… I’ll get there eventually ✌️

I am exhausted from today… and tmrw I am at my funeral home … have to be there early

My eyes need to close – they sting!!

I’ll be back tmrw – gnite 😘✌️

3 thoughts on “I have 2 now ✌️

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    1. Thank you! It’s pretty cool, did you see my tour? It was so cool!

      That’s ok, I am sooooo tired this morning – I am dragging!!! Want to sleep still but have to get ready to leave soon.


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