Find the fridge

Oh my god! I am here!!

Ok so my key stuck this morning Oh my god! … it wouldn’t turn and you know my upper arm and chest muscle are not hulk strong 💪 … barely Peewee Herman strong.

I had to Call boss lady – she was getting ready to come in and I just got in – whew!!!!!!!

Then I had to contend with the alarm 😮😮😮😮 I wrote down what she say… and I got it … but I have no idea which button is off and alarm lol … eh I got it right – bonus!!

Wow!! This place is stunning!!!!

I have to set myself up… for the day – am here til 5. I have to find the fridge… I had a tour but this place is a maze 😮 I might need gps for haunted houses lol ✌️

I don’t know where to go first, but I have to find the fridge lol

I guess I have to explore 😮 all by myself 😳😮 I am both excited and at the same time little spooked all by myself – it’s half and half lol … I think I’m more excited though

Ok I gotta find the fridge

I have to forward phones to my phone and remember to say their name lol ✌️😄

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