The Haunted House 😮❤️

I am still here 😮😮😮

Let me just say it reminds me Disney’s Haunted House ride – but really beautiful clean and really elegant 😮

Is HUGE!!! Wait til I tell all about!! It’s got secret places and Oh my god! I am totally loving this place – it is beyond beautiful and the details 😮

In operation and location since 1903 😮😮❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Btw the Haunted House used to be my favorite ride as a kid ❤️✌️ cause you got to take a ghost home with you 😄😄❤️✌️

It’s in an incredible and amazing area omg ❤️❤️

Ok have to go

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    1. Oh yes… he show me the room that used to be used as the “prep room” … where bodies were washed or prepped… they do not do that onsite now… a “care center does that now”.

      I only see the bodies, when they look beautiful, or are ashes

      There is a larger funeral home AND gigantic cemetery 😮 I have yet to see that one… that is the mothership of our funeral homes 😮… I bet it would blow my mind!!

      Mine is so tiny and just normal… this one I am working with is back in time elegant ❤️ oh so beautiful!!!

      I don’t even know what to expect with the mothership of funeral homes – I hear it’s massive and impressive Oh my god! Yeah it would blow my mind – I am sure!!! Totally!


    1. Hahaha it’s always done that… I love the Haunted Mansion still ❤️ I love that ride so much!! Classic.

      My moms favorite was always “Its a small world” … she got sick on anything that went faster lol

      And my dad loves Pirates of the Caribbean ❤️✌️


      1. Pirates was good but I haven’t been on it since they made it all politically correct (no more bride auctions or pirates chasing women).

        Small World suuuuuuucks! Most boring ride ever!!!

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      2. What??? Ya know the last time I went … I thought it was different

        Ugh 😑 politically correct … that never ends 🙄

        Hahaha I know … but she always loved the calm of it. She would get sick on everything else … but that, we could ride with her ❤️ all of us


    1. Right??!! I also get really excited – I was controlling that… kinda … trying to!

      I loved it there today… just it’s age and how it’s set up… so totally cool!!! I love places with character or feeling or history ❤️

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