Ending the week ❤️

So that was an awesome Friday!! ❤️ the end of my birthday week.

Tomorrow, I work in wonderland 😮❤️ omg yay!!! All by myself (please don’t be scary all by myself 😳🙏)

Oh it’s gonna be amazing 😮… I think… in my mind I am thinking it be just phenomenal!!

My oldest is looking amazing!! 😮… on his keto thing… he looks very healthy! And he says he feels healthy – he cut sugar, if he has any, it makes him tired.

He’s doing good 😊

Tonight we watch YouTube videos on tv…

“Their stuff” … which I don’t find very funny lol… but that’s ok cause I just went on and on about this funeral home and all my stories ❤️

I did ask for one particular YouTube thing I like … but everyone groaned lol…

That could possibly be because when they let me watch one … I want to go through them all lol✌️❤️

I believe it is “odd one out”?? Or odd1out? Something like that… but I love those ❤️

I fricken love those “draw my life” videos too…

My kids say “mum those are from like a million years ago, no one does that anymore”… 🤨

Well can they bring that back? Cause I love those ❤️

Tonight’s videos were on the weird side – but they all laugh.

My son still hugs me really tight and holds on for a long time ?? Like he’s freezing the moment?

I don’t know?

We talked about his tiny home idea again… sewer, water, electricity, land lol … yes my baby, adds up quick.

He wants it ❤️ so ok – do that. He is aiming ❤️

My daughter told them she saw me using the foot bath thing… and 18 says “you actually use that?” Lol

Um yeah lol

And of course, I have been wearing the necklace ever since ❤️

Anyway… was a good night.

Tmrw I work in wonderland – that’s gonna be incredible.

I am going to have to dress up for that place, though. I do always… but just you know – on point 😘✌️

It’s so incredible and beautiful… I know I am saying that a thousand times – I can’t stop – it captured me totally!!!

Is like a time warp?? Like incredible! You will see – it’s way more massive and more beautiful and more incredible than mine. 😮

Alright well… I am excited for working there tmrw… I don’t know this funeral home at all… so think should be fine… I work the others with ease.

Oh did I tell you … there is even an upstairs!!!!! 😮😮😮 is crazy!!

We have one funeral home which is our everything … is the mother of all funeral homes lol … I have not been there yet…

Everyone tells me “just wait” 😮😮😮😮😮 supposably it’s breathtaking and also massive

Why am I getting excited over funeral homes? – where has my life gone lol ✌️😮

They are just ?? I don’t even know?? I like them.

It’s just the other side? I know the pain side of them… but here I get to see them differently. That are beautiful. Wow.

Alright well this far to drive 🤨😑 I have to go to bed…

I will probably have time tmrw … I am just going to be sitting at desk I think? Alone, all by myself lol… she even said just keep all doors locked and let people ring bell.

Sounds good to me ✌️

Ok bed – I need bed!!! Very very very far drive through crap traffic 😝😝 – back tmrw … reporting live from wonderland ❤️✌️lol

Gnite 😘✌️

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