Cars 🚘

First let me say… I hate cars…

I do not understand how to fix them “myself” – and I don’t trust car guys.

I have my own people who help me, when I need help with that. I trust my people.

I have my little crappy car that I love… I got this car on my own… I had been looking for awhile… nothing fit right or felt right… or I could afford at the time …

Until I saw my little Toyota ❤️ awwww I love my crappy car ❤️ the first time I laid eyes on it – I knew … I knew that was the car!! And I could afford it!!

How did I know? Because it had a little Pokémon decal of Eevee in the rear window ❤️ I saw that and it drew me in… I tried it.. and it just felt like was meant to be ours – instantly!!

We love it still – it’s a tough little car that has lasted me longer than I thought it would ❤️ so yeah … I love my little crappy car ❤️

It was the first major purchase all by myself. I just love that car for many reasons.

I don’t like when it has issues, and I am afraid will die eventually… but it has been very good to me, and continues to be.

I take care of it as much as I can. (I have to have my “people” work on it, but they help me with it)

I try to watch them so I can also understand – but I am soooooo not a car person like that!! I don’t understand it at all lol

Just make it “go” for me lol ✌️😄 … they always do! I have really awesome people!!

Today was mostly a normal day, however… there is this guy who thinks he can buy me

He can not … but he thinks he can 🤨 he keeps trying… and I keep saying no.

Started with roses 🤨 first a dozen, then 2 dozen 🤨 … he kept upping the anti… I told him to stop! Flowers are not going to catch my attention…

He then tried to give me jewelry – nope I can not accept that sorry. I don’t know him, and there is no meaning behind it other than for him and whatever reason HE has. I did not accept

My answer is a FIRM no!! I DO NOT trust this man/person.

I always say no, and do not accept…

So tonight after dinner… he sends me a text…

It says…

This is a one way text message. I don’t want you to reply. I know if your car brakes down your fucked. So I got you another car. It’s a red dodge neon. I will give you details later

🤨😠😠 first of all … I’m not accepting that … secondly … I didn’t like how that was worded… kinda felt controlling by telling me is a one way text message about something massive like that!! Who is he to tell me one way message? 🤨😠

I did not reply, I’m not going to reply. I am not dealing with this. I don’t want it.

I do not want any strings over my head. Nope 👎

You can think I am crazy to turn it down… whatever – I can’t and won’t accept that.

I need to learn to do for myself – I don’t need anyone taking care of me right now – let me learn. Don’t try to get leverage, it won’t work

And if I didn’t accept the other things – what possibly makes him think I will accept a fricken CAR?! 😮 … he just goes bigger and bigger every time I say no… that’s a HUGE red flag for me 🚩

Yeah wrong woman. You have mistaken me for someone else.

I don’t trust him and think is just a manipulation move – nope 👎

There are things that will catch my attention – but money and things are NOT one of those at all. Sorry

Money is just a mask… you want my attention ?? – show me who you are. Stop trying to buy me!!! I am not for sale!!

You know that saying “everyone has a price”??

My price is NOT money or things, that’s for sure.

I do have a price with something… but no one ever hits it. They too busy trying to impress me with things that do not impress me 🤨

I will say no every time.. I know it’s a car and I must be insane to turn it down, I am sure I am… but I don’t trust it. I don’t believe is sincere or just free

It doesn’t feel right and I don’t trust it…

I will stick with my crappy car for now – I have freedom and no one owns me and I am not at anyone’s mercy.

I would love to think it’s a kind honest gesture … but I don’t believe it is. Reality ✌️ and also intuition.

Do you see why I keep to myself????!!!!!!!!

I already went through hell before… so you better believe I am extremely cautious with this stuff!!!

That would be tainted surely! Nope! Not happening

My parents always used to say “nothing in life is free”

I say that to my kids and they try to come up with things that are free 🤨 but no they can’t cause everything has a price somehow

Alright well whatever – it’s really late, tmrw already 😮

I have to get to bed 😮

Gnite 😘✌️

7 thoughts on “Cars 🚘

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    1. Right???!!! It feels sooooo wrong, so I can’t. I feel that was a very underhanded move.

      So much about it is soooo completely wrong!

      I want nothing to do with it!!

      I’m glad you say that ❤️ thank you… l agree!!

      They are all scary! One of the reasons I stay to myself. I don’t like games and I am not prey. ✌️


    2. Ya know another thing… not only did he not wanting me replying … but I also felt like he was trying to instill fear into me over my own car dying so that I would take his car and be trapped 🤨 yeah that’s not happening … what will be will be ON MY OWN… I either sink or swim. But I am strong in that – I never want to be owned again! Sorry been there done that lol ✌️😘


      1. Totally agree!!

        I want nothing to do with it, I’m just not going to respond at all.

        I do worry about a stalker situation so that makes me uncomfortable with this whole thing… so I think I just be quiet and maybe it will go away 🙏

        I just wanna be left alone with those things


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