Waiting 🤨

Waiting on a woman 🤨… a teenage one 🤨

Reminder for stories later…

My curling iron lol … it was perfect lol

Also “respect and presentation” lol … this will be a fun one.

Ahhh lessons… I like it when they are fun ❤️✌️… I also like it when I am the one teaching those lessons lol 😄✌️ … I am creative with my lessons – scared of that right?

Oh yeah and one last thing … birthday story too ❤️

Ok that way I won’t forget ✌️

Still waiting on a woman 🤨

Ok we gotta move – we have a drive … is in big city – but all the way on opposite side of town.

Ok I have to crack the whip lol … that’s a figure of speech by the way lol … I don’t own a whip lol 😄✌️ … but woman has to hurry. 🧟‍♀️

Time is of the essence my love let’s move it!!

Bye for now

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