Learning today ❤️

I am exhausted… I am working other funeral home tmrw. I have only had bits and pieces of time to read … tmrw I work, I should have time on Tuesday because that is MY day ❤️ … and then Wednesday I can’t remember what’s going on this Wednesday – I have to check my schedule – anyway working other funeral home tmrw – we have to get to bed.

She’s coming with me… she wants to – so whatever … I think she just wants to check out another funeral home lol … she just sits there on her phone

I told her about the walls in the office lol 😄✌️she thinks no big deal… I even showed her the pic… ok well wait til your eyes see it in person lol

We don’t have to be there really early so should be fine… I just have to wake a teenage girl 😳✌️ I never know how that’s gonna go.

Today at work… I was learning about Muslim Burials … I have to learn about them all … but we had a Muslim family today.

Some religions and cultures have very specific rituals and ways everything has to be done and carried out.

I am still new, so I am learning currently.

It’s similar to Jewish – in the way of washing the body and wrapping in a shroud. Also must be done very timely. Embalming is not allowed for either one, Jewish or Muslim

I have seen a few Jewish services so far, this is my first Muslim one. Came in today, so I’m gonna learn this.

Cremations are forbidden.

Anyway so was just learning about that today. I like learning these things. I had never thought about it before I worked for a funeral home.

I don’t want cremation either… on a personal level it just bothers me. It just does – I know it’s cheaper, but bothers me. I would prefer burial. I know I will be dead… but I do prefer burial.

I just want a nice peaceful simple burial. Quiet 🤫

I know this is a morbid convo sorry I worked in this all day.

Anyway… I was learning today so just thinking. ✌️

We didn’t get home until almost 9pm!! And is past 11pm now. We have to get to sleep

It is hard to catch up with reading when I am trying to do things! I hate not being on top of it!! Sorry… I will soon, I’m just going to be far behind for a minute

Ok Gnite 😘✌️

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