July ❤️

I’ll share photos of the fourth. Later though – we just got here

This woman is trying to make me fat lol… wait til you see 😳😮

When you say goes all out – this woman goes completely full throttle out 😮🥰❤️ she is still going nuts 😳😮

She has insane crazy food!! All 4th stuff ❤️❤️

I love the 4th ❤️🇺🇸 best holiday ever!!!

Back tonight – at some point

Dude 🥰❤️ mmmm

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      1. Many thanks
        Many many thanks. I always see this socioculture with another perspective, almost like what happens worldwide, and we humans actually without communication, we are strangers even in our own family, thank you very much !!! .. you are really right. two good friends are hungry, what do you do? !!! (Funny) and very happy to happen. !! thank you 😊

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      2. Yes, thank you 🥰

        There is blood family you are related to … and then the friends who become family ❤️

        I lost my family. Most have died (before corona). My friends have been amazing and they have become family to me ❤️

        Love spending time with the family I still have… and the friends I consider family ❤️ and to enjoy a holiday and food with them – is my favorite ❤️✌️ I cherish every moment

        Wishing you the best! Stay safe ✌️

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      3. Yes, thank you 🥰 all the best, really for you and your families in whatever form and wherever, dear god bless you / them, in your way, soulful happiness and peace and wellbeing, wish you the best! Stay safe ✌️.
        my really ask it.,., you have no brother sister, or aunt unkel, or
        your children, or children children.-.- !!!! but still you great family too.!!!!(°J°)

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      4. I have my mom, but she has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home that has been on lock down for 4 months. She has no idea there is even a virus going on.

        I have a brother and sister… but they are far…

        I am in California, my brother lives in Texas, and my sister is in Maine. We are spread out across the country.

        No more aunts, uncles, grandparents. Once my mom dies – I will be the oldest remaining 😮

        I do have children… 3… they are with me ❤️🥰❤️ they are my world ❤️

        I wish you the best also 💕 with you happiness and safety ✌️

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      5. the world hugs you. they have children who have paradise under their feet. how many, mother in the world, the children grow, will feed and mother around the cycle, to keep it up !!!!
        the receiving can say in our life what with everything except sunshine. thank you very much !!! I’ll write something tomorrow because of —— Alzheimer’s—— forgetfulness. altsheimer see you tomorrow

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      6. Vielen Dank 🥰 Thank you for your answer, yes yesterday my eyes were alarmed, I had to close the shop (nz). Better today and I myself had very good experience with ancient folk medicine. from the old pharonen to today.
        🙂 Herbs, like rose root, can increase thinking and remembering skills
        Not in the New Year Until recently, the rose root was a relatively unknown plant from the family of the thick leaf family.

        However, since it has become known that there are substances dormant in its roots, which significantly increase the ability to think and remember, interest in it has increased immensely.
        It has been used in folk medicine since the Vikings as a tonic and for hemostasis. – According to the latest (genuine) research by Russian and Scandinavian scientists, the ingredients of rose root counteract these dangers positively. In Russia, rose root is also used roasted over muesli.
        It is recommended to drink a cup in the morning due to its strengthening effect. Furthermore, that can certainly be helpful.

        1. Mediterranean diet and dementia
        A study [3] by the University of Bosten shows that people who eat the Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of developing dementia.
        This nutritional style is characterized by the fact that fish, whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables are on the menu. White flour, sugar and red meat are not used. To a reduced extent, milk products and eggs are taken in one.
        2. Ashwagandha – Indian ginseng
        Indian ginseng, also known as ashwagandha, comes from Ayurvedic medicine. According to a study [4], the herb improves the cognitive abilities in the brain and should therefore be taken regularly. Ashwagandha can be obtained in the pharmacy as capsules or powder or obtained online HERE.

        3. Turmeric – turmeric
        It has been used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years because of its anti-inflammatory effect. According to several studies [5], it can reduce the spread of dementia and Alzheimer’s. You can put the root in the menu, e.g. B. in wok dishes. It has a slightly pungent taste or can be consumed as tea. For example a tea against the winter blues. You can find a recipe HERE. To achieve a good effect, turmeric must be consumed in higher doses. There are also products in the pharmacy for this.

        4. Furthermore
        the following foods support the fight against dementia:

        Foods rich in vitamin D and B12: fish, eggs, avocados, chanterelles, liver
        High quality fats (e.g. virgin olive oil)
        Cinnamon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        Blueberries !!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>
        I wish you all the best and much improvement (((the mom)) many thanks !!

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      7. Thank you very much, appreciate the helpful information very much!!

        I will have to look into the rose root.

        Alzheimer’s already has its grips on my mom… it’s going to take her soon… it also took HER mother a few years ago (my grandmother) … I worry it will come for me. I am next in line. First born daughter – so I just worry sometimes with that.

        I do eat a lot of blueberries, cinnamon, eggs, avocados…

        I don’t know what Chanterelles are but I will look that up… totally not touching liver 😝 lol ✌️

        I have heard about the olive oil and I use that constantly in my cooking. When I had first learned of olive oil and Alzheimer’s… at a restaurant, I joked with my sister-in-law, and said “I should just order a nice tall glass of olive oil” lol … I did not actually do that – but I just don’t want it coming for me.

        I also use turmeric so I am familiar with that… I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

        I don’t do white flour or bread… I do have to cut sugar cause that is in my diet… but I have to cut it anyway… I would prefer it not be there. I am working on that lol

        I also eat a lot of eggs… I can not handle milk or milk products anymore, so I stay away from those.

        I will also have to look into Ashwagandha… I am not familiar with it.

        Thank you very much for the insight and advice – I appreciate greatly ❤️

        It’s a very difficult and excruciating disease. Whatever I can do to prevent it hitting me – I will try. (Except liver – I just can not do that lol)

        But I sooooo greatly appreciate both the advice and the time you took to give that to me – so thank you ❤️✌️


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