Happy 4th 💥💥❤️🇺🇸❤️💥💥

I love the 4th always!!! ❤️

We are at my work… that was a task, waking someone this morning … was like the living dead 😮😄✌️

Anyway… we rushing this morning cause I had a zombie with me 🧟‍♀️ lol

And since I love the 4th and my birthday is coming … I decided to love myself ❤️✌️😘

I never spend money – so I ordered us breakfast 🍳 👏👏👏

It’s being delivered in like a few minutes 🥰 woo hoo

It’s McDonald’s 🤨 Lol… but the zombie wanted that lol … so whatever

She wanted fries 🍟… and I had to explain about the fact they don’t make fries before 10am lol

Then I excitedly said … “this is an amazing start to the 4th huh?”

And she says “what do you mean” 🤨

Well just ordering food and having it delivered lol

Um, mom… that’s a thing 🤨

Well yes … NOW

No mom – it’s always been a thing 🤨

Well yes for awhile now, but not always, except for maybe pizza or Chinese lol ✌️

Um mom that’s what DoorDash is 🤨

Well yes but DoorDash has not always been around and is now

It is way too early in the morning to be discussing how old I am!! 🤨😄✌️

She was born 2006… she will be 14 in December.

I was born last century 🤨 woman thinks I am ancient 🤨

Done with that convo lol ✌️

Ok food is here – bye 👋

9 thoughts on “Happy 4th 💥💥❤️🇺🇸❤️💥💥

Add yours

    1. Nice! You fall right in between 18 and daughter…
      18 was 2001 … he will be 19 in October.

      Oldest is 26… he is approaching 30 😮😄

      It sometimes blows her mind that he is her “brother” but yet was born last century lol … 1994


      1. Thank you… you too!! 🥰

        Many of the shows cancelled … but staying in city tonight so people will be setting off their own … you don’t even have to leave your drive way!!

        Pretty sure gonna be crazy this year with that!!

        Hope you have a great weekend 💥✌️ Happy 4th!!


  1. I once told younger coworkers that when I went to college I couldn’t get a CompSci degree. They were furious, complaining that it was sexist. I had to stop them and say, “Nooo… it’s cause it didn’t exist yet!”

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