My Friday Night 💦

Happy Friday ❤️🇺🇸❤️

So… my people came over lol… we eat and chat.

Ummm … hmm. Question – Mr Keto diet … he says he is not as hungry anymore, and he been “fasting”… but his fasting is not actual fasting lol … he thinks it is… so whatever 😘✌️❤️

He will not eat for like a day, ok I fasted 😄😄 … that is his idea of fasting 😄❤️ so ok whatever ✌️

I don’t say anything. I just listen. Hmm??… I think he’s fine… but he’s really into this Keto Diet … and “fasting”

I’m just watching him 🤨 I want him to be healthy … I do not know diets. But you know – am a mom… I am watching his moves lol ✌️ … you are on my radar boy lol

NOW I am aware of carbs and sugars 🤨 …because someone has shared their knowledge with me

I just don’t want anyone having issues – health wise – I don’t want any heart attacks or I don’t know what else!! 😳

If he being healthy then ok… he is doing well on it currently… and he is happy… so I just let him smile. ❤️ … but I am watching

Oh yeah… and he wants a tiny home 😄😄… why yes … he IS a millennial 😄❤️❤️😘

He was talking seriously… like actually “did” research lol … with all of it 😮

Ahh … well he did his homework and if he wants that … I smile very big to listen to him talk about it ❤️

I can totally see him just in his glory with that…

Oh yeah and he names off 2 towns …

One town is just like where I am… beautiful peaceful rural… gold rush historical ❤️ … hello!! How you just not be like – hell yes! Right there!

The other town … is kinda crappy… run down type city – lower class, nothing is there but crime 🤨 what?? No!!

And he says.. mum there a lot of jobs up there …

Umm I don’t think so… option 1 is way better.

But he has has a little plan going ❤️ he has excitement in his eyes when he talks about it lol … love that!

Oh yeah… guess what… I was correct in my mom way of imagining the convo lol

Oldest said… hey mum wants us to bring swimsuit

18 – what? I don’t wanna go in the pool (I totally knew that be his response!!) nailed it!

They kept not responding…

So I sent another text 😘😄😄❤️

I said… “hey… Did you get the message about bringing your suit?” lol … I am not giving them a way out lol

They brought them. ❤️

Oldest puts his on… he’s ready

Girl puts hers on – woman is ready

18… 🤨 does not want to put on suit…

You don’t have to go in, but have it on just Incase you have urge.

Reluctantly 18 puts on suit.

Me … my oldest and my girl… all splash 💦 and swam and had fun ❤️ pool was awesome…

18 stuck his finger in 🤨 whatever … but he hung with us so whatever

We came back and 18 was all mad that we didn’t get to play any games because “we” swam all night lol

… dude!! … you should have come in!

Then he tells me … I will go in the pool with you on your birthday 😄😄😄❤️ ok that’s fine – I accept lol – I will hold him to that lol

Anyway was fun.

I am about to be crazy busy again 😮😳 maybe sorta in spots …

She coming with me to work tmrw (daughter) … then we go to friends house… stay for 4th.

I have my neighbor watering for me ❤️💦

I work Sunday all day long … then I get off work I have to grab her from friends house and come home – we have to be home Sunday night!! I work Monday and things happening Monday …

Then there is Tuesday and that is my birthday ❤️ boys come be with me again … remember 18 gonna come in pool for my birthday lol ✌️😄❤️

And that would be my Friday ❤️

Good night 😴🌙💤

6 thoughts on “My Friday Night 💦

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  1. I cannot fathom refusing to get in a pool! I’ve jumped into pools fully clothed!!

    Your son is doing Intermittent fasting!!
    I was freaked when I learned that people fast for the month of Ramadan! Then I learned it’s fasting by day – they have big feasts at night. Totally different kind of fasting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dunno … if he wants to be all hot and not have fun and cool down – whatever … he is my finicky pessimistic indoor kid

      Intermittent fasting… I just googled that … thank you.

      Want to make sure he is not stressing his body with this Keto diet and his fasting thing.

      I hear words like body being in Ketosis and fasting lol … I think umm is this all safe? 🤨


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