Warning ⚠️ sensitive material

Just warning, cause I added a photo – it’s not bad – but I just felt a warning was in order ✌️… is not even bad … but I still feel better warning.

I actually went in the pool… twice!! 🥰 …but one of those times I had to have a top.

I like it better without. For several reasons…

The right side is a hurty side… everything hurts it… without a top in the water … there is no hurt! Is perfect ❤️

I have a top on in this photo I will share, but this is the new stuff 😳… they are just new still… I keep them covered and protected lol

In this photo… we had just gotten out of the pool, and I came home to change. You can see the scar … on camera – it looks light – it is not light… it is purple 🤨 the camera made it not so dark. It is dark and purple… it goes all the way under my underarm.

They look good, I don’t complain about that. I think is beautiful. They did a good job… They kinda look fake, but they are, so whatever ✌️

I am very lucky for that. Extremely!!

I’m just shy with the attention and that scar.

I am not shy with it when I help other women through it. In those cases, I am extremely open and share all my stories and photos… Women did that for me… women I didn’t even know… immediately and freely – told me their stories and shared their photos… you have no idea how much that helped going through that… so to do that for other women – I like that. So I do that sometimes. It makes a difference both ways

But sometimes if people ask me about it… their sadness reaction to breast cancer can make me tear up. But whatever – I am alive and doing fine. It’s just the emotions.

When my bras or tops sit on that scar – it bothers me.

The one piece made a cross line across the scar and on the other breast… it hurt to wear that

I also don’t like the seat belt… I will wear one… but I use it weird… I buckle it and then tuck the shoulder strap behind my arm… no way is that gonna sit on the scar!! It hurts every time!!

So when I can go by myself and no one is there – the water and being topless helps.

The scar side is my bad side. It’s always going to be my bad side now.

So those are the boobs I always talk about lol and that scar which looks worse in person, but is fine – just personal and emotional only to me.

I am not quite used to the attention they bring… I am thin, I have long legs and a nice form, always have.

These just went a little bigger than I realized 😮 did not think about the attention that would occur. At the time I was focused on cancer and thought “well I would never do this anyway” – so whatever…

I didn’t think beyond that. So anyway… I keep em covered usually.

I am liking the sorta disappearing tan lines. I like that a lot.

When I used to be a cart girl… we had to work outside constantly- the job is outside… I would be outside every single day…

I started to get color… but I was wearing clothes lol… so at night when I would shower… looking in the mirror it looked like I still had clothes on …because it had my shorts line and the lines of my shirt lol anything that didn’t see the sun was white white white lol … it was hilarious looking… I called it my cart girl tan lines lol

Anyway in other news… ok so I saw the people… I like them … they are nice, I think. They seem nice and the dog is a little calmer now so ok then. 👍

He really wants to jump on me though 😮

The man looks really familiar … I think he might be a golfer?? I do not want to ask… I don’t want him to know who I am if that is actually the case.

I don’t want to be recognized.

I just don’t. I do not want the attention currently. I want privacy.

I used to help my police, I got to know the community, met politicians – did all that. I even coordinated the awards for the entire county. So I know many.

Then I was a cart girl … I drew attention because of my looks. I was good to my golfers – or any customer … they still ask for or about me and it’s been 2 years since I left them.

When I would come to work… they said my name like the people on the show “Cheers” used to say “Norm” … just everyone was always excited and happy to see me… I am fun – I will make you laugh

So anyway… I am well known there too.

I don’t want that attention right now… just laying low. So I am not asking if I know him. No way. He just looks familiar… but I am not mentioning that

My mom is doing good – but no one has been allowed to see her for 4 months- they are still completely locked down.

She is doing ok. She is oblivious to anything that is happening.

Please wear your masks… 🙏 … I don’t want my mom to die from corona. So you should just do that. Please 🙏

I know she will die… but I want to be able to see her!! Kiss her – hug her… corona would take her away from me and I would never get a goodbye. I don’t want to lose her like that to this.

So mask it up ✌️

We all want our leaders to fix everything… and handle this – protect us! But how do they do that when we don’t protect ourselves?

I want to see my mom again before I lose her ☹️ … so please wear that mask 🙏

Ok so I guess that’s it. Now I will read for a little while

Tmrw is Friday!! Woo hoo!

Saturday the 4th I work for 4 hours… then I have my Sunday as usual… we are going to spend the fourth with my girlfriend and her daughters.

They live in the city – all our firework displays are cancelled… but in the city, people light off the illegals – so you always get a show. You don’t even have to go anywhere. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

My daughter will come to work with me on Saturday – she has been to my funeral home. She doesn’t say much about it lol

She doesn’t like when we walk in and there is a casket lol … that will freak her out a little … but we just walk past and then she doesn’t go in there until we have to leave .

I don’t think there will be any caskets. Should be fine. It’s the 4th ❤️🇺🇸❤️

Alright well gonna read for little while

Gnite ✌️😘

7 thoughts on “Warning ⚠️ sensitive material

Add yours

  1. Props for sharing a pic.

    I know it’s not you style but if you wanna wear lower cut shirts in public, but not share your story, you could say you don’t want talk about it. Or you could invent a really good story (knife fight, circus accident, Texas Chainsaw survivor …).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started out doing that – at the school … with the kids… they would ask me… I never wore anything low cut there … you can always see it in most shirts – I don’t think I have any turtle necks?

      Only this top is low because I am at home ✌️ I don’t care at home lol

      I used to tell the kids I was secretly a super hero, and got hurt by a bad guy once ✌️

      I feel like when I write here? Is very clear to see things? And also… since I am quiet in real life… here I don’t feel I have to be

      I am ok here. I like the distance and then I get brave every so often. I can release here ❤️✌️


    1. Hahaha no that’s not burnt…

      Some areas color really good because I have to go outside and I get sun.

      Some areas do not see the sun at all and stay bright white lol

      It just looks contrasting lol not actually burnt, just looks that way lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… I am taking today sort of off.

      I will be working a lot again… but that’s very good.

      Have a great weekend … and happy 4th (I know you don’t celebrate it but hope is happy anyway)

      Liked by 1 person

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