Dogs 🐕

Ok … I think I am ready for the day. I already opened the gate really early this morning…

I like it open on a schedule if it’s gonna be open… usually we keep closed but landlord expecting deliveries. 🤨 lol

I like to open it at 6am… until 8pm – it starts getting dark around 9pm

Always with the deliveries lol

Anyway. Then I watered – I have not seen the new people or the dog – but I have been hiding lol ✌️

That is one of my many things lol ✌️

I kinda test the waters here and there – and I don’t wanna be this weird person lol

I don’t want to scare them off – I can be neighborly.

So I dunno… I never see the wife or the dog so far – I’ve been watering and watered this morning… nothing…

😮 maybe they are silent!! ❤️

I haven’t extended myself or anything – I don’t think I can. If I bump into I will – but I am uneasy. A lot. I don’t feel comfortable going over there.

Plus the dog is a little much for me.

The energy off that dog is just way above my head!!!

I work at a funeral home, ok? I am calm lol … funny and maybe sometimes excitable… but I am calm. Calm demeanor

Not insane crazy!

Sorry I just can’t – that sucks

It just makes it so I can’t breathe? I feel massive panic with too much crazy chaos …

Why yes – I am boring lol ✌️ I like it calm… peace is another one of my things! Lol

Complete chaos kinda makes me panic. So let’s not do that lol

So I dunno. Maybe I’ll get better… If it could just bring it down like a thousand levels 🤨

Whatever 😑

Sucks cause I love animals especially dogs – dogs are my favorite – I am familiar with… don’t laugh 🤨… chihuahuas … shhh no laughing… I love them… have had them since was a child ❤️

I also know Labradors and Pit Bulls… I do also know the high energy with a Beagle lol… we had ONE of those lol

This is my little man Chico ❤️

I named him that because he just reminded me of the spirit of Chico and the Man – he’s so funny 😄 he has quite the personality – he is half chihuahua … and half pug. 😄 mix those personalities – he’s hilarious! ❤️ thinks he’s the boss 🤨😄 no … he’s just a big baby lol

He acts like he rules the world lol … but yet he is afraid of “tarps” ??? from the landscapers … awww

I was working in the office of the police department one day.

A woman came in with that little guy … yes totally believe love at first sight… immediately… but he was sick… he had a skin infection, and fleas. He was a stray.

Oh she put him in my arms and it was all over lol … I love you!!

I asked if I could keep him in the office with me. I didn’t want him in the pen … he was sick

I only had maybe an hour or 2 left so they let me. They brought in a little tiny kennel and he stayed with me.

I asked if I could foster him instead of going to the pound … cause I kinda already love him lol ✌️

So they let me… I gave him antibiotics and baths with flea treatments – no one ever came forward for him… so now he rules “my” house lol 😄✌️❤️

He couldn’t be more loved ❤️

And then this is Emmie ❤️ …

Emmie is a purebred applehead Chihuahua … she used to be a show dog… won ribbons and stuff… she is papered…

But then she got too fat, she is a hearty eater lol …if you let her she won’t stop lol

The person who had her as a show dog… didn’t want her anymore once her usefulness was done ☹️💔 … so I took her … that broke my heart… they had her for 6 years!! They never connected with her – she was an object ☹️💔 awww – of course I will take her!!! Bring her to me!!!

We call her “The Chihuahua Ambassador” because if you meet her… she is the sweetest thing, she is kind and friendly to all… very well mannered

You think … “wow Chihuahuas are really awesome” lol

Then you meet Chico… who thinks he can take you on lol 🙄 whatever – he is hilarious

Emmie doesn’t particularly like Chico 😄… she is calm… he is calm but also energetic and again – thinks he is boss … that annoys Emmie lol

Anyway I have to go 😘✌️

Back later

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