Waiting 🤨

My landlord texted me from Oregon… told me someone be stopping by the ranch to get something… have the front gate open… so I’ve had the gate open all day.

That text was from this morning… and she said she would text when the woman was coming… was nothing yet. I know this woman coming so whatever

So… in anticipation of that person coming and leaving – I am waiting so I can run down to that the pool! I want that again.

I have my bikini on already and I am waiting. I don’t have to do anything for this person they are grabbing some tool or something from the shed. The minute they leave, I am pool bound!

So whatever.

So then there is a knock at the door… totally thinking was my landlords person, she just forgot to text, which does happen…

I didn’t look, I just swung that door open 😮😳 I wasn’t thinking at all … and it was not her person 😮 it was some guy who works on her house 😳😮

I didn’t know that before I swung the door open… in my bikini 🤨 crap… it was too late to do anything!

I am way out in the country… NO ONE ever comes to my door except people I know. I did not expect anyone else.

Note to self – keep a bathrobe or clothing by front door!! Also do not swing door wide open like that!! 🤨 stop doing that!!! “peek first!!!”

That totally sucked!!! – nothing I could do – he didn’t ask anything, and wasn’t rude… and I think he was taken back just like me – so whatever… that was awkward … I don’t think he really knew where to look 😳😮omg 😮

Normally he only sees me in my funeral wear lol … so I am in black and covered all funeral like ✌️ … so bikini is a little different 😮😳

You see bikini’s at the beach so whatever – it’s just I was not prepared for that at all. I was uncomfortable, but I was also stuck!!

He told me what he is doing, but he tells me in technical terms… I don’t know plumbing or electrical lol… but I listen. I don’t really understand a lot of what he tells me ? He is extremely technical!! Almost in a robotic sense? … he does not seem very funny? He is very serious lol

He’s a nice guy… older. Very polite and respectful. But he’s very very serious lol … very to the point and exact lol

So he is off somewhere on the ranch, doing something lol ✌️😄

Now I have to wait for him to leave and this other person to hurry up!

I would love to go at night but I am scared to, all by myself out here… creatures are around and all the night things come out!! 😳… plus at night you can NOT see very well – and if something ever gets on me… I don’t want to wake the neighbors with my screams lol ✌️

I don’t know where the lights are for the pool anyway. So I would be in complete darkness. All by myself… I am not THAT grown up! ✌️

So whatever … I will just wait

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  1. Haha thanks lol… yeah wasn’t funny while happening lol … and then later – I did go… and then there was an airborne dog jumping in pool with me omg – and I met new neighbors in a towel, their dog wants to jump all over me 😮 ahhh!!!

    Ohhh the pool is amazing with my bad side ❤️ ohh so good!! Sorry it’s just really good… that side is hurty… but in the water it’s not.

    You can order small little ones lol … do not laugh – I have done this. ✌️

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