My Northern California area ❤️✌️

Here is a little of the country area I live in ❤️

It is a pretty big property.. is 10 acres? It’s peaceful and calm ❤️

A lot of 🤔… farms sort of??? ALOT of wineries 🍷 … the road I live off of has 2 names… it’s actual name – but then is also called Wine trail because it is riddled with wineries, and a few breweries

Many animals, many horses, cows etc … almonds walnuts etc

There are wind chimes that are beautiful in the wind… except when the wind is going crazy then it drives me nuts lol 😄✌️

I don’t have any extra animals to take care of on the ranch… just a garden and then a TON of flowers lol

That bench is on the property. I read there sometimes. It’s very quiet and just peaceful.

We also have beautiful roses 🌹 There are many different kinds of flowers 💐

We have to keep the sprinklers going here and there – because of the heat… everything will turn that yellow, and die… and then is fire starter … so we have to water.

There are areas that remind me of Little House on the Prairie…

And yes, I have run through the fields like an airplane … it’s awesome ❤️ you kinda have to do that lol … I’m kidding… but it’s an image to me, in my head, when I see these areas like that.

This is the pool I swim at ❤️ … is awesome!! … I also just felt the water and oh it’s perfect!! I think it’s calling me!! Lol ✌️

There are even little cabanas like this … there are 2 – they need some work, but they are really cool!! There is a bar area also but that’s in serious need of work… at one point this pool was evidentially the party place lol … way before me!!

I just enjoy the peace of it now.

And of course… it’s California – so we do have palm trees 🌴❤️

So that’s kinda my part of the world – where I ran to find my peace ✌️

10 thoughts on “My Northern California area ❤️✌️

Add yours

    1. Yeah it’s beautiful here – that’s why I am always saying so peaceful and so beautiful like all the time lol ✌️

      But it’s been respite after everything so I really like it.


    1. The United States has soooo many different types of areas… we have a little bit of everything.

      My area is hot and dry in summer … and winter is rain and temps that go maybe 30 and 40 F degrees which is cold for us lol ✌️

      But in Massachusetts it’s completely different … winters are freezing with lots of snowfall- summer is more humid and has rain – also summer does not last as long in Massachusetts as it does in California

      Funny how so many different areas and yet we can find those same areas all over the world!! Is pretty cool!!

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