Sleepy – Gnite ✌️

I have stories but I can’t remember currently… I am too tired.

I have read some… but I am way far behind 😮 like insanely!!

But I need sleep.

Oh yeah and my new little praying mantis friend was there again today… he did not charge at me… today his demeanor was way more friendly …

But yesterday I didn’t know he was there … and I was sloppily watering lol … hence his little charge at me yesterday lol … I probably scared him…

Today I was gentle… I wasn’t sure if he would be there again or not… so I slowly watered … not all crazy like yesterday… and he WAS there!!

He came out slowly and then climbed to a higher leaf and let me water ❤️

He must live there … so I’ll be gentle… Now we are friends lol ✌️ my little garden guy ❤️✌️

Ok I have to sleep… my eyes hurt and I’m just tired so all I can think of is sleep.

I will be back tmrw ❤️✌️

8 thoughts on “Sleepy – Gnite ✌️

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    1. I know – I have been away too… don’t worry … it changes everyday anyway lol ✌️

      I am trying to catch up myself but I mess myself up trying to do that lol ✌️


    1. That’s ok, is only because I am doing a million things at once. ✌️

      I am studying for an exam… so that I can be a funeral arranger…

      I am doing my own court case, so trying to get that situated and how I want it.

      I am taking care of a huge ranch on many acres…

      And work… keeps asking me to come in because we have been busy at the funeral home 😮

      And I am also a mom

      So I am just “spread thin” at this particular moment…

      Which is fine though cause life does that sometimes… is only a moment in time and eventually … I will pass my exam, I will handle court, I only have to take care of the ranch until July 6th (the day before my birthday ❤️) … work is good because I have a pay check and still get to social distance, I am still surviving (knock on wood) … and I do love being a mom…

      So eventually – it will fade away and become amazing! I am just currently working towards that lol ✌️

      I hope you are doing well and staying safe! ✌️

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