Alright almost done…

So after work yesterday … I drove home… I found a new way to and from work… which will help in the winter…

I don’t like one of the highway interchanges 😝 … is always accidents there and is a sharp interchange!! Very sharp… which is why there are so many accidents … someone did NOT plan that one out very well 🤨

Anyway my new way is “breathtaking” 😮 …through back country all on an old highway… perfect!! It is beautiful!!

I haven’t timed it yet though – yes I do that. So that I may calculate my timing. Yes I do that too. Time is precious so I do that with important things 😘✌️

Anyway… I went my normal way this morning…

There were a lot of police out 😮 on all my highways!! I haven’t seen any for quite awhile. And these ones were looking to write tickets 😮

One motorcycle cop 👮‍♀️ came out behind a bridge, and went after someone – whew – thank you for being ahead of me lol ✌️

Anyway I am here now and Sunday ❤️ at MY funeral home ❤️ beautiful day too!! Completely perfect temp!! Like a high of 86 later … but I have the red flag warning because of wind 🤨😒 … wind makes me tense lol ✌️…

I hear “wind” and I think 😮 crap – please don’t take my power!! Lol

I seriously NEED one of those windmill things!! I would love to how power like that, and plus maybe solar… then I won’t be at mercy of wind in summer 🤨 you have no idea what last year was like literally right after my surgery … so yes I get tense when they say “wind speeds above 15/20 mph” lol 🤨

Once it rains, I relax lol… but during summer – I don’t like winds lol ✌️

When I got home from work yesterday… I still had to take care of the ranch…

While I was watering some plants… all of this sudden…

😮😮 that little guy came charging out at me lol… Oh my god! Can you see him?!!! The little white praying Mantis? 🙏 ❤️

He was all mad I disturbed him lol and I am getting his area all wet… he just came charging out so I stopped lol…

And he stared at me 😳 I moved and his head stayed with me … I mean you no harm as I backed away … awww was such a cute little guy … and he had a little fire it seemed lol … he was almost like human with his little spirit ❤️

Also I believe it is bad luck to kill a praying mantis. They are peaceful.

Made me think of you …

Reality continues to ruin my life — Read on

Because of your stories of them ❤️ … when I saw him… I wished you were there to see him lol – he was really kinda cute!!

Anyway.., took care of the ranch with sons help… I made dinner we chatted

He went to watch my YouTube and he says to me … “documentaries much?” Lol

You know how YouTube recommends things “you” will like to watch … MY YouTube was literally ALL documentaries lol 😄😄 ✌️ … sorry I just like that lol

I tried to get him to watch one… but then he groans like he’s in school or something lol …

I did get him to watch a documentary posted 4 days ago about China 🇨🇳 😮

And it talked about Hong Kong 😮 all of that

But HE just kept talking about… 🤨

Well he is obsessed with anime and stuff like that… since he was a kid, been like that …

He said something about China … and he said something about Japan (I don’t remember what exactly) something about freedom and how governments are?

But what I do remember is he suddenly says… “ so actually Korea is the best” lol oh he thinks their government runs it the right way lol or something?

He is also really huge into Kpop…

I am sorry that I made you Irish lol … he is also Spanish … so he is … Irish, Lithuanian and spanish 😄✌️ but yet he connects with Korea lol … it’s just funny … he wishes … it’s almost like that’s his soul?

I learn many things about Korea … he makes them sound wonderful lol … I will have to watch a documentary on them lol … see how that works lol ✌️😄

Anyway … I might have time later at work if I can get everything completed? 🙏

But if not… I am definitely around tonight finally!!! Whew … I will finally get to read!! I feel like I am cut off from the world lol 😄✌️😘

Ok I try to be back – but definitely tonight 😘✌️

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  1. Yay for a mantis!
    Reminds me that I was staring at palm trees on Fri (I have a great view of 2 from my bed) when I saw 1… 2… 3 crows!!! Then a 4th showed up, which I decided breaks your jinx.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha that’s funny … yes it has to be only 3… not 2 or 4… is 3 that bring that superstition lol 😄✌️

      You must have been relieved to see that 4th lol


  2. I used to love youtube but now there are too many ads. They moved all the movies to their paid site. I like documentaries too, only thing that are free now and many mindless stuff…I love falling asleep listening to war stories

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There ARE a lot of ads… YouTube has changed a lot! Even with people who post videos there are all kinds of rules!!

      Yeah my kids like the mindless stuff 🤨😄✌️

      I like a lot of biographies or historical recounts


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