The other place 😮

I am at some other funeral home 😮

It’s different than mine – way more older… little more dark and spooky kinda … and is weird…

It is HUGE compared to mine… I like mine better

Is pretty and elegant and nice, very nice… just bigger and placed in an area weirdly?

I have hardly any windows to see the outside – is a hot day so that is fine but … I miss seeing outside!!

And the office itself – I feel like I am in a cave or a dungeon lol … however the walls are weird in the office… only in the office are the walls weird…

And by weird, let me show you …

That is the wall colors in the actual office 😳😮 who picked this? A 3 year old? Ugh these colors together!!

Super weird and kind of annoying me lol ✌️ just those colors, like that in a funeral home 😄😄 just seems really out of place!!!

The rest of the funeral home is beautiful… is just the office which no one else but employees see

Is my first time AT the physical location for this funeral home.

I have a whole new appreciation for mine now!!!

This one is busier but not that bad. There is a service at this moment, at the burial location, which is why I am covering for them.

Is interesting to see another

The service should be over by 1pm, they come back – I have to go over everything so they know what went on while away…

And then I have to go to mine … I have stuff happening there

What day is it? Lol

Yesterday I messed myself up all day long thinking was Saturday! Was weird

Also I have to respond to country boy he texted me… so I just think I have to lay it out… I can’t, he has to stay away. I can’t.

I just have too much pressure without that too. I will do that later when is not so much going on.

I have been releasing ashes most of the morning. Couple calls. But so far going ok.

I am in thought all the time lately!! Almost like my mind is a million miles away at all times!

18 thoughts on “The other place 😮

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    1. I have been thinking of you!! I have a post to do for you!! I will do shortly!! It was funny! Totally thought of you 💕

      Hahaha no the families will come to pick up the cremated remains and they have to sign papers to do so… we release them to their custody. ✌️😄

      I was not wafting ashes into the air 😄😄😄 that is a funny thought though 😄❤️ enjoyed that one!


      1. Hahahaha 😄😄 … yeah no that was not the correct mental image lol … we have a city ordinance that does not allow us to release ashes into the air … they don’t even allow scatter gardens anymore … ewww on that anyway 😝 … I do not wish to be breathing in people and corona lol 😝

        I might want another job if I had to do that lol 😄✌️


      2. I remember when my aunt secretly scattered her dog’s ashes at Forest Lawn Rose Hills after my G-Ma’s funeral.

        I just realized that I have no idea if my G-Ma was buried or cremated, nor what became of her ashes if she was cremated. But I know about the dog. That’s weird.

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      3. That’s funny! Yeah well you can do burials even with ashes. You can do anything you want – almost

        Except scattering ashes in a parking lot lol … that’s not allowed lol

        We always had little funerals for our pets and buried them in the back yard. When I was a kid of course ✌️


      4. I know lots of people who still bury their pets in their yard. It’s illegal, so vets can’t return bodies. I always have my pets cremated and don’t get the ashes… not my thing.

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      5. My brother had his German Shepard put down – he was really sick… that “C” word, I hate! This was a couple years ago… they put him down… he was their first baby… they have a real one now who is currently 3rd grade I think?

        Anyway… they had him cremated and then they did it all up, they have a beautiful urn and things and moments of the dog… it was an amazing dog – like family … like he always understood. Very good personality!! Very loving but huge – very protective ❤️

        Anyway… they now have a Golden Lab … maybe 2 yrs old?

        I thought about you again ??? 😮… on my way home … the radio station played “Whip it” 😮.

        I’m supposed to be thinking of you for some reason? I dunno just many things keep making me think of you?? You are ok right?


      6. How weird …

        Just now I had to handle the ranch so I’m out there and I come to that one plant again lol…

        I thought hmm 🤔… do I water that and say hello? Will he be there?

        I was curious if was a one time shot… so I watered 💦

        He came out again… but I think he expects me now? Cause he didn’t charge like last time lol… came out and just watched me … actually let me water the plant.

        So I guess he lives there lol ❤️ I will say hello every night lol


    1. They definitely do not put the details in the newer… older has more character and details.

      I am from the east coast and our homes over there can be VERY old… by hundreds of years…

      Here in California – they have older but even that is new to “me” lol ✌️

      I live way out in the country… cause I wanted peace ✌️ I will take photos today and show you – it’s beautiful!!

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