Delighted ❤️

My girlfriend just sent me this…

And I totally just found my April 1st thing for 2021!!

Oh my god! Now I am all excited for next year!! April Fools… doing that!!

Can you imagine their faces when I eat a sponge 🧽 cake like that Oh my god!

Yup!!! This!! ❤️❤️❤️ I am so delighted and excited for that day!

That will top the year I told them we could have desert before dinner lol …

The cake? That was meatloaf… lol … I frosted it with mashed potatoes and decorated with ketchup lol ✌️😄 maybe a touch of mustard for a quick spot of color

The drink? Well I do punch sometimes… but that year I used jello 😄😄 you should have seen them sucking that straw 😄😄 and then their faces lol ❤️

And then coconut salad lol

Their desert was getting actual dinner lol ✌️❤️

Ahhh fun times lol ✌️

So yeah – I shall do this too 😄❤️ I am sooo thrilled – I should practice that, when able to, so I can have it down and to a science – perfection on that!

I want that reaction again!! Do it again lol ✌️❤️😄

So yeah sooo delighted!!

By next April fools … I will rule the world lol ❤️😄✌️ my life will be different – but I’m still gonna rule that!!

I am so completely delighted by this ❤️

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