Epic ✌️

Today was a good day!!

I got my life placed back in my own hands ❤️ I believe I do have a firm grasp.

Then work called me… they are swamped with calls currently… so they need me on Friday … I will get to do my job while also covering the phones and things.

That’s another 8 hours on my paycheck woo hoo!

And then lastly … my landlord is going on vacation for the 4th of July. She is going to a beach house up in Oregon.

She said she would take $200 off the rent if I can handle garbage and watering the ranch… which yes I can do.

So in one day… I took my life back, got more work, and lessened my bills lol ✌️❤️

Woo hoo!!

I want this song for today…


However… when I graduated high school – we picked a senior song … they picked an older song for us at that moment…

The senior song that was picked for my senior graduating class… was… Queen “We are the Champions” Lol


So both songs work for me lol 😄✌️

And this one…


But also this one…

(This one has bad words so just be warned lol ✌️) … when I was down and he was kicking me – this was the song I chose a lot … it made me feel better …


I have not even begun to fight yet… but I do have a fire burning and I believe I am ready now?

And I do believe I will rise from the ashes so… gonna hit that! This is gonna be me…


Watch my strength 😘✌️

I would say be afraid… but I am nothing to be afraid of… only he should be afraid.

This man held me down and pushed me further down … while my whole family died one right after the other… he didn’t care and went full throttle trying to crush me during that…

And while I had cancer he was intense – completely did his worst… did not let me come up for air… courts actually had to step in to stop that, because it was so bad and harsh while I was literally trying to fight through cancer… while they were saving my life – he was trying to take it

So if I seem a little harsh, it’s because I had to sit there and let him. My hands were tied behind my back, and I couldn’t speak…

I am no longer sick… I don’t fight cancer anymore… I fought that bitch and won, even WITH his ass crushing me.

I have survived all of it, all while he continued to take revenge for me leaving him… he wants to make sure I can’t do any better without him.

Allow me to educate him on what he lost. 💋

I get stronger every day… it’s my turn.

That son of a bitch gonna watch me rise ✌️

I can talk a lot of words and feel strength now… but I go up against the devil and he’s dirty.

I do think I have a good grasp here – I just have ALOT of work to do.

I am almost there. I am almost free ❤️

I will have my life back and I am also going to get my name back too!

I will have my original name back! Then I will have you saying my name lol (kidding) but I am excited to have my name back. … I’m gonna wanna hear my name all the time lol ✌️😄 scream that for me lol

And on the other side of 2020… everything will be different including me 😮 …epic right? Lol

We will see how epic … I am excited to see this too ✌️

All that devastation – I kept my strength of spirit to survive … so I have just been in training for this.

It will be fine… an Epic ending

And my new chapter starting 2021 ❤️ my new chapter starts win or lose.

This is my last fight. My first stand and my last fight.

So deep breaths. Confidence… relax – do this. I battled through a lot… and I’m still standing – I lean slightly lol but I am upright now lol ✌️😘

I am still afraid of him – but whatever…

I was not able to fight before now… now here I stand. It’s in my own hands now.

I can finally fight ❤️

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