All done ✅

Whew! Ok. That was a day. I did not finish everything like normal 😮 my first time not doing that 😮 … usually I’m spot on … slight perfection

First time not 😮 I couldn’t fit it all in … I failed in time management – but in my defense… you try to do something, and then things happen so you just don’t know. I don’t really have control… and I move fast! Ish… sometimes lol ✌️😄 I am fast … just older with things so that adds the “ish” lol

Ugh ok fine … today I was not spot on 🤨😝 bleh!!!

I just had a little more and it would have been perfect, like always… but they don’t want you staying and working like that ?? Ok whatever – done then.

I didn’t actually leave until 5:30pm 🤫 lol I got most done… I just like to have it all done… so little bothered. No big deal… just saying lol ✌️

I’m off now – so that’s done.

Now to get my files tmrw. I feel like – well… let’s just not do emotions there. So I’m gonna cut that off. Cause that totally almost happened. That is hard to me!

So that’s about it. I am gonna get comfy, and then read for just a little while.

Gnite 😘✌️

14 thoughts on “All done ✅

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  1. I got overwhelmed at my last job… literally doing the job of several people… and some days I’d just short circuit. I’d have a huge backlog of work, fairly easy stuff, but I’d been doing that same task for so long that I couldn’t face it anymore. I remember going more than a week without being productive cause I was only getting more & more of the same task that I couldn’t face.

    But otherwise, yeah… plans and schedules are fine till something unexpected pops up. Then ya gotta adapt.

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    1. Ugh that sounds like it was horrible!

      Yeah tons popped up all day! Was not a day to get things done… but I did all the major stuff – I just wasn’t spot on. Adapted lol ✌️

      What happened to WP? Every time I come on it’s all different 🤨 … I do not like it this way.

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      1. I don’t know what you’re seeing on wp. I’m on the phone app and seeing that comment options changed again. And there’s a big green checkmark next to my post title right now. Probably means “published” but a non-published post couldn’t get comments sooo… stupid??

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      2. Yeah I don’t like it!!! I feel like I am missing posts… usually I am way behind in reading around the weekends… it takes me awhile to catch up …

        Last night … it was fast!! I know I am missing some? That was too quick and no way I am caught up?

        It’s just weird to me… I don’t like it … my brain is not absorbing it correctly!! And I feel like they are not showing me the entire feed? From where I missed?

        I dunno …ocd thing and I liked it as is. Lol ✌️ …

        I want a toggle button – so I can toggle back to the way “I want it” 😄😄✌️

        What the hell is up with literally every single thing known to mankind – suddenly wants change all over the place with everything!!!

        We couldn’t work up to this – we just had to be thrust in 🤨… ya gimme the toggle button WP!! Lol ✌️

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      3. Oh, wait… that’s your post’s title so it’s probably part of your title. In that case, I don’t see any diff.

        However, someone posted about the new layout, which I guessed means the pc version is finally forcing the sucky Gutenberg editor on users. However… that might mean you can directly upload vids now (dunno, haven’t tried).

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      4. Again, if you’re talking about Comments: I now select the Comments tab when I go to Notifications, so I’m not digging through tons of Liked notices, which I don’t care about.

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