Not in English 😮

These are songs that I love… but I do not speak the language…

Unless it’s been translated or is legendary – I have no idea what they say… otherwise, just love these songs …

Sukiyaki ❤️ Kyu Sacamoto

That one is just so beautiful, right?? I remember my parents would have that on the stereo and I would sing along – but just imitating the sounds … because I didn’t know that language – I was little ✌️ loved this song always! ❤️

And then I can’t leave off Psy


The next one is because of my kids influences lol … I love Twice … and this song is my favorite ❤️ Cheer up ❤️

I will usually just fall in love with the music first though .. before the lyrics

I don’t even know what language this next one is?? I am not sure?

I think of this song, because of a meme actually – but I love the song – no idea what it says lol … or where is from??

This next one – I really don’t care what language it’s in – it could be English “who knows” lol… I don’t really care cause it makes me smile every single time lol ❤️😄 if it’s bad – don’t tell me. Just let me have it ❤️

What can I even say about Latin America – some massive greats .. there are too many to list so just my favorites …

How do you not know or love Selena? Como La Flor ❤️ I found her because of this cross over song she did … she did a few, the English songs drew my attention and she was amazing English and Spanish … loss of talent way too early!! She was a bright star 🌟 This song drew me to her… what talent …

Ricky Martin – I remember from Menudo lol … ahh the 80’s lol … but we had his Livin La Vida Loca

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

And this one I like… but maybe racy? Lol

And then of course … I am so sorry – my apologies but I do like this song 😘✌️😄

And what country gave me this one?…

That one speaks English though – I understand that one lol… that one just makes me smile lol ❤️

I have a lot more… but for right now – this is good enough for tonight… just was thinking about some of these ❤️ – I will do others another time ✌️

They make me smile ❤️✌️ love influences like that

I’m not sure how much I will be around tmrw … tmrw at work might be really busy? 😮😳

Bye for now 😘✌️ Gnite

Ps Happy Father’s Day to the amazing fathers on earth, as well as … in heaven 🕯🙏

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  1. per Google: Dragostea Din Tei. listen); Romanian for ‘”Love from the Lindens”‘; official English title: “Words of Love”), also informally known as “Ma Ya Hi” and “The Numa Numa Song” (see § Lyrics), is the most successful single by the Moldovan pop group O-Zone.

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    1. Well it makes me laugh – works for me Lol

      Ahhh ok Norway huh? Interesting. Different lol … but fun sense of humor? I like the fun aspect?? Don’t really know them well. They seem funny though!


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