Adjusting 😝

So… when removing all emotions and thoughts … facts only – no biased one way or the other…

I start off running … because I have just fact facts facts … they stand alone!! I don’t even have to attach any feelings, emotions or biased… it will blow you away. Your jaw would drop

Bleh see??? See what happens …

I start off talking about facts and then it snowballs into ?? I dunno emotion??? Dramatics? Because of the way I feel…

Ok so removing that 😮 hard AF! I have to be stone solid facts only! And done. 😮 whoa

That’s hard – I am shaving off a section of myself ahhh!!! I just have to “keep being aware” I am doing that!!!!

Whew!! Do not run away with emotions!!! Be aware! No biased I don’t care – none of that!!!

Whoa! It sounds easy… like I can say “yeah I can do that, no problem”

And I start out with excited intentions…

Starts off great… and then the flare comes in and it gets dramatized by the emotions cause they lead bleh!!!! And I get biased because of that…

Ok so no personal thought… remove that!!! No biased. I can not go either way.

Ok… I just have to rethink how I handle…

Well … I’m gonna command that floor when I have my turn to speak – I am going to try to just be strong and look at it like that… like the police PR … ok that part I think I got…

I will OCD all files and lay out facts only. And period done. Best I can… doing that too.

I just have to remove the emotions and biased… so ok… I’m going to have to maybe kinda remove myself? I have to!!! I think that’s my key 🔑??

If I was this woman’s lawyer, how would I present this if was some other woman like me?

So I will try to remove emotion and biased by looking at it like it’s not me, I just get to play lawyer lol … the role of my lifetime lol oh my god!

On tv they make it look all cool collected and dramatic lol … this is not tv… and it’s not like that… but maybe I can kinda somehow remove my own self while looking at this??

I will be doing a performance lol … so that’s a way to look at it I suppose?

It’s a role I have to take … whoa 😮 yes… because it’s totally not one bit who I am… I have to not be that and not let that enter!!

Straight, no opinions, no emotions, no feelings, nothing!! Keep that away!!! So yeah, I have to switch my mind set 😮 because I want this seamless. And I want to do the best I can and feel good with that.

He can be dirty or whatever else – he does that to take me down… he is vengeful – hard. He gets pleasure from it – not joking. Wish I was.

I don’t want to fear that anymore – so I’m about to rise above him ❤️✌️ and whatever happens – ya know… I tried the way I wanted and was true to myself … so what is meant to be, will be

But … I might actually do this ❤️ oh wow 😮 whoa 😮 🙏🙏🙏🙏

2 thoughts on “Adjusting 😝

Add yours

    1. Lol… 🎭 … yeah I’ll adjust… watch my strength lol ✌️😘

      I have a fire, don’t worry 🔥

      I am a survivor so just also tired – going to give it everything I have. At this point – my first and last stand. End of story

      Why not take it big right? So yeah – adjusting ✌️ I’m scary right? Lol

      I am unconventional lol ish … I just have to reboot position sometimes – adjust my thought.

      Being creative lol ✌️… I got one shot … I’m gonna fire away! 🎯

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