It was Friday 🥰

It was obviously Friday ❤️ boys came over … we had dinner…

First we played… a “choose your own adventure” game… it actually one or more players. It’s dumb… just buy the books – you won’t have pieces. Everyone was mad you could just easily get a 📖 book. But eh was alright ish.

And then we played “the mind” lol … that was funny!! We could get to round 4 ….I think ?? … you all work together to get past the round… you have to win together… it’s the perfect game!!! No one person wins, you have to come together and guess correctly – if one gets it wrong, everyone loses. Was pretty cool!! I liked it. Win or lose together ❤️

Then we played on the switch… something like 51 clubhouse games… it’s just tons of games. It was cool. I like Yahtzee 🎲.. that ones my favorite – I also liked the golf 🏌️

Time went fast… we had fun

I kinda really liked “the mind” … it was cool! Pretty funny. We laughed a lot with that game ❤️❤️❤️

I love Fridays and being with them ❤️

Anyway. I said nothing about anything – cause that is not happening 😮

Definitely not right now.

I am not ready to handle all kinds of emotions coming at me right now… I do need to get through stuff first

Focus. So I can’t have a distraction right now – that would be bad.

Not good timing and I am not ready to face the kids with anything like that 😮

So I’m just gonna leave that alone – he can text but not come over anymore.

Anyway… my daughter is teasing me currentlycause some guy is on tv cooking salmon and yuck 😝 I don’t like seafood… he’s all excited and he’s making every kind of salmon possible and she says to me “it’s not like you will ever be making salmon” lol

And then they made coffee pot salmon and she’s laughing – then they switched to salmon ice cream 😳😝 ewww

She keeps making me laugh – gonna go hang with her for little while ✌️😘

I be back tmrw to read – gnite ✌️

10 thoughts on “It was Friday 🥰

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      1. It’s labeled jerky, and pkg’d and sold with the other jerkies, but it’s pretty moist. It’s a great option for recipes… no ton of bacon grease to clean up!

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    1. Yeah we love the Switch. I like to watch. They like to force me to play lol ✌️😄

      Sometimes I do.

      I don’t like fish and chips lol … but I do like tuna fish sandwiches 🥪 lol … that is the one and only time I will eat fish 😄

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