Life, end of world & battery 🤨✌️

Last night after work, I came here to my girlfriends house. I am still here.

She went to the doctors this morning to learn the results of some biopsies. 🙏 please god be good! 🙏

I think she will be ok, because when I had cancer – when those tests came back they jumped on me and it went so fast, my head was spinning… they don’t mess around with cancer. It doesn’t seem like that for her. So hoping she be ok 🙏

Her neighbor worked on my car and replaced my oxygen sensor. I am watching her kids at this moment – one is still sleeping lol … the other is up watching anime lol

When she comes back the neighbor wants to just make sure car is good … going to see is check engine light comes back on so he wants to test drive it.

So I’ll have that squared away by this afternoon and get to go home. I have to really start pouring into my court case.

Today is pretty beautiful… sunny and will eventually be 85 ❤️ perfect and IN JUNE!! Kinda unusual for my area

2020 is the year where nothing is how you know it to be 😮

Back in 2012… my oldest was a senior in high school… like many he got sucked in by all the hype with the Mayan Calendar… which I guess just stopped on December 21, 2012… the day the world was supposed to end 😄

He used to say to me… why do I have to do anything if the world will end anyway? lol

I used to tell him … well “just in case” cause what happens if is wrong and you didn’t do anything? Keep going like you gonna live forever – when your life ends – that’s when you can do nothing ✌️

We laugh about that now, and he listened ❤️

I try to think about that. Sometimes you feel like all is lost… but it isn’t yet… not if you keep trying. And we have the ability to keep trying

Anyway. Have a lot am working on lately. ✌️

Off subject… small little morning gripe… I have a older apple iPhone 🤨 … while I love the iPhone – I am NOT an android person 😝 … hate androids IOS 😝😝😝

If I find something I like – I just want that. I am loyal …when I find something I really like for whatever reason – I stick with it… I’m the same with coffee and things like that. Just hard core loyal

That’s not to say there are not things I find annoying with Apple 🤨 …

Apple does these updates and every time they do… my battery sucks more and more!! Stop it Apple!! I’m not buying the new stuff 😠 – so rude! I love their iOS but they are jerks for depleting my battery with every update, trying to force me to go new 🤨😠

This morning they evidentially released a new update 🤨… so all morning long – every 5 or 10 minutes … it’s popping up with a stupid notification that I have an update it will automatically install “tonight”

It does not need to keep telling me that over and over – I hope that’s not gonna be an all day thing 🤨 that’s really annoying!! Just install – stop telling me! They do it automatically anyway… there is no need to constantly tell me that.

But whatever – that’s apple for you 🤨 every time it reminds me of the update – I think of my battery 🤨

Alright we are going for a test drive – girlfriend back and all is well – she just needs more tests 🙏 please god let her be ok 🙏

Back later 😘✌️

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