Superstition 😮

Well… this morning I paid for not being able to fall asleep… that alarm went off and I was like “I can’t even” lol ugh

I really love this shirt ❤️ it’s light and airy… it’s really sexy and yet classy…

There is one thing I do not like… same with the Elvira shirt… they have these teeny tiny buttons on the back – up the neck because the lace goes into a choker on my neck… so I have to do those teeny tiny buttons

That is a feat in itself!! I do not have reaching capabilities with my right side… it was very difficult!! So that’s my gripe… can I please have larger buttons, or snaps or Velcro lol… something easier!!!

But otherwise looks and feels amazing ❤️ sometimes I am bothered by lace – but so far seems ok.

😮😳 I just looked outside … sorry I am superstitious…

3 crows 😳 just makes me nervous. 3 crows has always been bad… it means death 🤨

I know I am at a funeral home but that’s different … it just is. I am here all the time, it’s always about death. 3 crows don’t just show up.

I know… it’s just a superstition… I have those…

I also fully bought the one with Babe Ruth putting that curse on the Red Sox

Cause yes… there was!! But they beat that. ❤️

But the crow thing… I heard that superstition many times before … and every time I had a loss – right before that there was always 3 crows – I brushed it off… and then it smacked me for not listening …

When I see exactly only 3 crows – it just makes me nervous – something or someone in my life is going to die … there are a few in my life who “could” actually pass and I would be devastated.

I’ll go around calling them just saying “I love you” lol just incase ✌️

If it’s wrong oh well, but just incase it isn’t 😳 I don’t like crows! Go away!! ugh they are still here!!

But whatever … hopefully not true… please don’t be true… please no one die!!

Anyway… I am at work… is an incredibly beautiful day outside!! Just stunning!!

I will be locked away inside all day but I can enjoy from the window if those fricken crows would leave 🤨

Ok I be back 😘✌️ … not to jinx myself but is a really nice quiet Sunday morning ❤️

12 thoughts on “Superstition 😮

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      1. Lol … well keep the faith … my Red Sox HAD a curse… but we believed lol… then we were the best for many years – still are … just this year I don’t get my baseball ⚾️ but we won last year so we just keep that reigning title lol ✌️

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      2. Ahhh… maybe there is a curse lol… we had one… from Babe Ruth – 1918 🤨 “The Curse of the Bambino” 😝 boooo

        We didn’t win a game from 1918 until 2004… since 2004, we win MOST of the time 😄✌️❤️ broke that curse – cause we “believed” ❤️✌️

        … and cause our shit don’t stink now 😄😄… sorry I just love my baseball – haven’t been able to talk ANY crap all year!!! So thank you for that quick moment 😄✌️

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  1. I’m not superstitious, but I thought it was 4 crows. I often see 3 but not 4 together. Did you know that in a lot of cultures crows are good luck, like they are divine or something.
    I’m enjoying your post. thanks for the good songs.

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    1. I’ve always known it to be 3… I saw 3 before my dad and grandparents each died. So just makes me nervous even if isn’t true lol ✌️

      I have heard crows are lucky in other cultures!!

      I have also heard the number 3 being a highly regarded number in some cultures too.

      Thank you very much, I’m glad you like the songs – me too 😄✌️❤️

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  2. My fiance told me that his father would yell if he saw a rocking chair being rocked without someone in it as it meant that was going to be a death. He said his father died 30 years later, so I guess there is no time limit on superstitions. Thanks for the post.

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    1. I know those things are crazy aren’t they?

      The crows just mean, there will be some kind of death. Doesn’t mean that particular person though. Some one close. So far, right on the money. 3 times

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