My best friend ❤️

I should be in bed… but obviously I am not… well, I am but I should be sleeping lol

I’m not very sleepy. But I have to work tmrw …

Also… the girlfriend that I took care of last week… she lives nearby to my work… she wants me to pack an overnight bag and come stay with her after work…

She went and bought a part my car needs – the oxygen censor… and is having her neighbor install it.

I asked her how much it was so I could pay her back…

And she said… is an early birthday present. You aren’t paying 😮

Awww … my birthday is next month, that was really sweet

She also wants to cook me dinner for helping her last week.

So ok – gonna do that after work tmrw. She always makes sure I am ok… she thinks I don’t eat… I do… she just thinks I’m too skinny …

I eat… but I also stress lol ✌️

She is always trying to feed me lol

She’s a really good friend ❤️ very lucky and blessed to have her in my life ❤️

She thinks I should date. I do not think that lol

Right now I do not have the umm??? I dunno … I am dealing with too much to even think about adding more drama 🤨 lol

I need to get all my stuff situated then I will be in a better place and be more open? I think.

But I’m still not the dating type

I am just not that way ?? Is too much

I just want peace? And I don’t want to have to guess who someone is…

I am the type who does better when you get to know them first.

Once I am comfortable or enjoy a person then yes ok…

I’m just not the type to be dating … I look like I am that type but I am not.

I feel if someone is meant to be in my life – I will cross their path or they will cross mine. I don’t have to search for it… if it is supposed to be… then it will happen. I would prefer it like that anyway.

For now, while I am handling things – I just go with that.

If someone catches my eye then we see what happens – but I don’t think about it until my friend says stuff.

Maybe she thinks I need a distraction? … I also do not need that at this moment lol ✌️

Anyway… I suppose I should force sleep 😝 I’m not in the mood for sleeping. But I have work and going to friends house after that…

Should be beautiful tmrw 85 and sunny ❤️

Oooohhh yeah!!! She gave me the cutest shirt last week … I will wear it tmrw…

The top part is black and peach colored lace … then is a bustier that is kind of a half top? But at the bottom goes back into that black and peach lace – it’s both sexy and also elegant!! Yay! Hopefully is comfortable 🙏

I am bringing a back up shirt just incase lol

Ok well going to attempt to force sleep. Gnite 😘✌️

6 thoughts on “My best friend ❤️

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    1. Yes … very amazing gift ❤️ she helps me a lot to make sure I don’t go underwater ✌️ She is more like family

      I don’t know what she’s making yet – but it’s always good… she cooks a ton of stuff – is like a restaurant lol


      1. You’re making me miss,my neighbor who always cooked too much for her & hubby, and hated leftovers (germ paranoia), so I got them!!

        The fanciest thing I’ve had in weeks was a cheese omelette!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah she’s like that… it’s like a 5 course meal!! And then she always has dessert but she does do left overs and sends a ton home with me too!

        I cook too but sparingly… ya know – just to be safe – I stretch it. No 5 courses over here lol


      3. I can cook amazing too… I was a stay at home mom for over 15 years… that’s what I did. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

        Money is right now and I have to stretch it… I still cook… I have my daughter still… I just do smaller scale and not crazy


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